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Tuition Fees Are to High

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Tuition fee are too high. However there are many options to lower tuition cost. The question will be. How expensive do we want tuition to be. The solution can be sorted based on methods. Universities have no problem in filling seats, even with cost of tuition. Students are in need of finding education. However, tuition is high for the level of income students require when they step into college. The federal Government of Canada should look deeply in the situation of the student.

Raising taxes from public, cutting expenses from school and re-schedule ways of teaching would help universities to lower their value of tuition.

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Tuition Fees Are to High
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Students are always seeking for education. Thus the demand for universities increase consequently universities respond by increasing either enrollment or high expensive stuff. Universities offer a lot of facilities for students; such as: free internet, free tutoring, cafeterias, gyms, studying rooms, and school supplies. All of these facilities come from paying tuition. In other words, we want these facilities to continue, but we also want the cost of tuition to be lower.

Therefore, we must ask the government to look deeply into our situations. With solution of raising the taxes, it will help students.

And most likely students won’t be getting into debts year over year. Another solution that allow tuition to be lower is by collecting money from charities, such as banks, companies, and sponsors. Getting income from a lot of companies could be rewarded for student and universities to low the price of tuition. Another method to a solution for the expensive tuition cost is by managing the resources in each university. New method of using resource could be based on hire students for campus jobs. This let student to earn experience as well help in their own school.

At the same time, Schools offers a lot of space for student; such as study rooms and lounges to relax. If university squeeze those unnecessary places and create multi- purpose rooms. This allows campus to have less building. By lowering the price from building helps in lowering some of the tuition. Instead of having three campuses they can create all in one campus, where new schedules for classes can be made. Every university should encourages instructors to join school in activities such as do volunteer on campus. Allow these methods to be in used it could let the well use of recourses more efficient and less waste.

Cutting cost increases cash flow. By this mean tuition for students are worth less. They are many options to lower the cost in university. Because, focusing on reducing expenses through new methods, well help many students who struggle economically. One of the methods that would work is by encouraging instructors to use computer t instead of paper causing an immense cut in the budget of universities. Another way of cutting expenses would be encouraging students to bring their own tech gadgets; so the computers that are not been use in campuses can shut down witch would decrease the energy consumption.

This would not only be improvement for the university, but for the student body as well. Universities’ high expenses can be solved by raising money through sponsoring companies and budget. Based on this new methods would help the student to decrease debts for their future. It will also reduce expenditures of unnecessary supplies for the school. By obtaining help from the federal government in rising money, it well helps universities. If the cost of maintain school reduces, by this means the tuition for every students well reduce too. Well causing the value of the present tuition fee be different to a better value.

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