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Tuition Fees Essay

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Student always have their concern on tuition matters. Every increase of it is an additional burden to them minding also their hardships on their studies. Nevertheless, they still need to pay for it in order for them to continue their studies for their preferred educational institution and to pursue their dream of becoming the person they envision to be in the near future. High tuition fees could also be considered as one of the main reasons why there are more youth who are out of school as of today.

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But the youth are not the only one who carries this heavy load, parents too, are more oppressed with this. Specially to the families with financial problems. They’d still have to double their time in working to earn more and support their children’s needs. I always hear people on the news complaining about the increase in tuition. But in my own opinion, I think we should try to know first what we can get out of that increase.

Isaac Newton once said “Every action has an equal or opposite reaction”.

There is always a bad or good side of everything. Therefore, the first thing that we have to do is to know the positive and negative side effects of the increase. Well, obviously, its negative effect is that we need to pay more money than what we were paying before. But it doesn’t stop there. An increase would also mean more money for the school to spend. They can use it to purchase more equipment for the students to use or they could get the school renovated for the students to have a better environment to study in. hey can also use it to provide educational assistance for the professors. Just like any other student, professors need to study as well to expand their knowledge on the field that they are in. of course, we don’t want these teachers to keep on teaching the same things they learned many years ago when there are already new things and methods that have been discovered and are much more suitable for the modern world. Basically, an increase in tuition would usually translate to a better quality of education. It is not entirely a burden to people.

It only depends on how a person looks at it. The first thing that we should think about is not just the increase in tuition but rather, if the increase can justify a better quality of education. The best thing that we could do is to be more conscious if the knowledge that they provide us is worth the money we pay. But, of course, knowledge should always be accompanied with hardwork and pursuance to be successful on our chosen field. We should always remember that an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

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