Two Friends comparison

Two Friends

            They say the friends that one has, is like a mirror to one’s own self - Two Friends comparison introduction. Friends are treasure for everybody. I am blessed to have Tony and Ces. They are very unique and different with each other that sometimes clashes and conflicts arise within us.

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            Tony has been my best friend since elementary years and we are also neighbors until I reached high school. She serves as a counselor to our group especially when we have problems, she always have solutions for it. On the other hand, Ces has been my friend when I stepped into high school. Ces was my partner in crime when I was in high school.

            Tony grew up in an environment where she can freely express herself in most everything. In their home she can air all her opinions in everything especially in politics in which she has so many things to say about it. Tony is very independent because her parents brought her up and trained her in such a way that she will be able to stand on her own every time she is in trouble. That is why whenever Ces and I have problems we always run to her because for us she has all the solutions that we need. Tony is also a consistent honor at school. She always excels in everything that she enters into but she is not good with dancing and singing. Ces is a lot different with Tony. Ces grew up in a home where there is no peace at all. Her father is a drunkard while her mother is a workaholic. Ces is not that expressive when it comes to her emotions maybe because of what she been brought up with. But nevertheless, she is very dependent. She easily gets frightened even in small things. Ces is very good at arts. She has a very nice voice and can dance gracefully. Ces is bashful especially when she is just new with the environment that she is in. Even though she has undergone through some travails especially with regards to her family, she has always tried to be happy and gay.

            Tony and Ces have always loved to go nature tripping. They love outdoor activities like playing volleyball and if time permits they also play soccer and football. They always love to tease and annoy me with things that they know would really irritate me. Both of them like to watch horror movies but the fact is that they are both afraid of the dark. I think Tony’s is very influential to Ces when it comes to confidence may be because Ces sees Tony so outgoing and so friendly that almost all people that she meets becomes her friends. Ces and Tony are not picky when it comes in choosing whom they will befriend with as long as they can see that the person is trustworthy and will not betray them in the future. The two of them always like to get my attention; they always like to make me laugh with their jokes especially when they see my face so downcast and troubled. The three of us share the interest with music, even though it is only Ces that can sing and dance, still, Tony and I appreciate music that much that we still sing songs even we are out of tune. We don’t easily give in to trials that come in our way. We set positive outlook in life knowing that by helping each other we can make it through and still remain the best of friends anyone wants to have in this cruel world.


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