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Under the headright system

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    Under the headright system,

    a. only the gentleman class could own land in Virginia.

    b. a tax was levied for each slave brought into the colony.

    c. a head tax was levied on every adult man and woman in the colonies.

    d. a colonist received fifty acres of land for every person for whom he paid passage to Virginia.

    e. the Virginia economy successfully diversified.

    The Dutch Republic and its North American colonies

    a. promoted free trade, religious toleration, and local political control.

    b. were ruled by centralized monarchial governments.

    c. were the smallest and poorest of the European empires.

    d. encouraged the ambitions of the House of Orange.

    e. had the largest number of African slaves in the world.

    Roger Williams and a handful of disciples founded

    a. New Haven.

    b. Providence.

    c. Newport.

    d. Portsmouth.

    e. Canada.

    All of the following were problems faced by the early settlers of Jamestown except that

    a. the colony was located in a malaria- and typhoid-infested area.

    b. there were not enough specialized craftsmen in the colony.

    c. local Indians were unpredictable and often hostile toward the colonists.

    d. after John Smith returned to England, the colony lacked firm leadership.

    e. the colonists often faced starvation due to lack of supplies and lack of farming skills.

    Puritans believed that a persons salvation depended on

    a. Gods covenant of grace.

    b. following the teachings of the church.

    c. good works.

    d. chance.

    e. attending church.

    he author of Oceana was

    a. James Harrington.

    b. King James II.

    c. Niccolo Machiavelli.

    d. John Milton.

    e. Bishop de las Casas.

    English colonization efforts in Ireland and North America were similar in that in both places the

    a. conquest was accomplished without bloodshed.

    b. English liberated the oppressed natives and introduced democratic self-government.

    c. English admired and copied many of the traditions and beliefs of the natives.

    d. Protestants comprised an overwhelming majority of the population.

    e. English used brutal tactics, including massacring women and children, to subdue the native peoples.

    The last of the original thirteen colonies to be founded was

    a. New Hampshire.

    b. Georgia.

    c. South Carolina.

    d. New York.

    e. North Carolina.

    The monarch who sat on the English throne during the early colonization of Virginia in North America was

    a. James II.

    b. Philip II.

    c. Elizabeth I.

    d. Charles II.

    e. James I.

    The colony of New York

    a. was founded by Quakers escaping from religious persecution in England.

    b. was influenced by Dutch laws and practices well into the eighteenth century.

    c. was established by a charter written by John Locke.

    d. attracted thousands of English colonists because of its democratic local government.

    e. saw Fort Orange renamed New York City.

    Anne Hutchinson was

    a. expelled from Massachusetts for claiming that she communicated directly with God.

    b. the first English woman brought to Massachusetts as an indentured servant.

    c. accused of being a witch in the Salem witchcraft trials.

    d. the first notable poet in New England.

    e. the wife of the first royal governor of Massachusetts.

    The Half-way Covenant refers to

    a. the responsibilities a person had to the community in which they lived.

    b. contractual landholding responsibilities.

    c. religious concessions made to those who had not had the salvation experience.

    d. the status of a couple between engagement and marriage.

    e. the labor contract that bound servants to work in return for their passage to the New World.

    Quakers believed that individuals could be saved by

    a. the covenant.

    b. the `Inner Light.`

    c. the sacraments.

    d. predestination.

    e. building magnificent churches.

    The Toleration Act applied to

    a. Virginia.

    b. Maryland.

    c. Massachusetts.

    d. New Spain.

    e. Rhode Island.

    Calvinists believe that

    a. Christians should give away all their material possessions.

    b. women were spiritually inferior and could not be saved.

    c. all human beings were saved.

    d. the elect earned their salvation through acts of penitence.

    e. a persons salvation or damnation was predestined by God.

    By the mid-eighteenth century, the most important French colony was

    a. Canada.

    b. Guadeloupe.

    c. Florida.

    d. Martinique.

    e. St. Dominque (Haiti).

    Which of the following is true of Samuel de Champlain?

    a. He was a devout Catholic who enslaved the Indians who would not convert to Christianity.

    b. He sailed for the English.

    c. He explored the St. Lawrence River and founded the French colony of Quebec.

    d. He was so harsh and autocratic that his own soldiers murdered him.

    e. He was the French king who offered religious toleration to the Huguenots.

    The founder of the Society of Friends, or Quakers, was

    a. John Milton.

    b. George Fox.

    c. John Winthrop.

    d. William Penn.

    e. John Calvin.

    By 1620, ________ foreign trade probably exceeded that of the rest of Europe combined.

    a. Spanish

    b. Dutch

    c. German

    d. English

    e. Portuguese

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