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Underage Drinking Should Be Banned

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    How many of you are under 21 years old? As you look around the classroom, I believe almost all of you here are under this age or maybe just slightly above 21? Now think by yourselves, even though you are under age of 21, does that mean that no one in this class has ever tried alcohol before? We are students in university and had at least gone to a party with alcohol. In the United States, underage drinkers consume 3. 6 billion drinks each year. Underage drinkers make lots of money for the alcohol industry! Alcohol consumption is the most common type of substance abuse in teenager. What causes this problem to be occurring?

    Peer pressure is a leading cause of teenage drinking. Many teenagers turn alcohol as a way to cope like stress, anxiety, depression and life change. The drugs act on nerve cells in the brain and alcohol initially serves as a stimulant, and then induces the feelings of relaxation and reduced anxiety. Ladies and gentleman, today I am here to convince you to think twice before you pick up the next bottle of alcohol. First, I will talk about how alcohol is harmful for your health and why teenagers should not drink underage. First of all, young drinkers are more susceptible to brain damage and memories lose than adult drinker.

    Drinker who start drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to become addicted to alcohol than those who do not drink until they are 21 years old. Suicide attempts among heavy-drinking adolescents were three to four times greater than among non-drinkers. Those who start drinking before age 15 are more than 10 times more likely to get in physical fights during or after using alcohol. 1. People who have been drinking large amounts of alcohol for long periods of time run the risk of developing serious and permanent changes in the brain.

    Damage may be a result of the direct effects of alcohol on the brain or may result indirectly, from a poor general health status or from severe liver disease. It may lead to potentially fatal brain disorder known as hepatic encephalopathy. Hepatic encephalopathy can cause changes in sleep patterns, mood, and personality. More severe symptoms are for instance, abnormal movements or shaking of hands or arms, drowsiness or confusion and slurred speech. More than 4 in 10 people who begin underage drinking eventually become alcoholic. Drinkers may also lose control of their emotions. It may cause family problem.

    For example: Teenagers who use alcohol may withdraw from the family and difficulty with family relationships. They may demonstrate behavioral problem as well. Apart from that, our brain is still developing during our teenager years. Underage drinking causes long term thinking abilities. Alcohol has significant impact on the brain’s ability to make and retain memories. It inhibits our brain function and negatively impacts our ability to think. You might not even remember what have u said and what have u done. Memory loses cause poor academic performance because they cannot concentrate during their lesson.

    There are different levels of memory loss related to alcohol. The first level is fragmentary memory loss. This occurs when a person drinks excessively and does not remember the events of that time period until someone else provides some clues. Blackouts are the next level of memory loss. When a blackout occurs due to heavy alcohol consumption, the person will not be able to recall any of the events, even if prompted with cues. This is because the brain was not able to complete the process for making a memory. It is a well known fact that drinking over years is a risk factor to affect our health.

    It may cause certain cancers, liver problem and raised blood pressure which can contribute to heart diseases. These problems generally occur in people who have been drinking over a longer period of time and are not always seen in teens, but can result as they grow older if they continue to drink. Alcohol is the major cause of cancer. The Daily Telegraph has reported that alcohol causes 13,000 cancer cases a year. The newspaper says that in the UK drinking is responsible for 2,500 cases of breast cancers, 3,000 bowel cancers and 6,000 cases of cancers of the mouth, throat or windpipe.

    The researchers extrapolated the results to the general population and estimated that, across Europe, 10% of all cancers in men and 3% of all cancers in women. Besides, teenagers are more likely to have casual sex if they are regular drinker. They may have sex after drinking alcohol under the condition not clear in mind. Driving while drunk is dangerous and drivers with high blood alcohol increase risk of accident. Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally preventable. The risk cause accident for drunk driver is dramatically higher than a non-drinking driver.

    The legal drinking age is the age at which a person can consume or purchase alcoholic beverages. The legal drinking age in Malaysia is 18 for non-Muslims . There is no legal drinking age for Muslims as it is against the law for them to consume these beverages. However, teenagers who drink may engage in other illegal behaviors as well. Drinking can make people involved in crime. Under the condition not clear in mind, they will tend to commit in murders, sex crimes, rape, violent crime, drunk and driving fatalities.

    Research shows that 4 in 10 murders are committed by people who were under the influence of alcohol when they committed the crime. About 50% of all sex crimes involving juveniles are committed when the perpetrator was drinking. Alcohol causes more violent crimes than any other drug, and over 20% of convicted felons commit crimes while drinking. It is estimated that auto accidents caused by drunk driving kill around 13,000 people annually. In Malaysia, it is illegal to sell alcohol to Muslims and to persons under 18, but there are no restrictions on drinking age.

    However, in United states for example, the legal drinking age is 21. There are about 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die because of alcohol use. Under most states’ minor-in-possession or MIP laws, when a person under the legal drinking age is found to be in possession of alcohol or legally intoxicated, punishment can take a number of forms, including: * revocation of a driver’s license (usually for at least 30 days) * payment of fines * enrollment in alcohol education programs, and * community service. Now that I’ve stated you the cons of underage drinking.

    In a nut shell, underage drinking should be banned since it will 1st, damage the brain, 2nd causes memory loses, cancerous diseases, thirdly loss control of their emotions, and lastly it may cause people to indulge in any kind of anti-social activities. Therefore it is up to us to not go with peer pressure and show people that we don’t need to drink to have a good time and that drinking is overrated. You don’t want a teenager to drink and then walk towards you with a sharpen knife, do you? That is what others think too. That’s all for my speech today, thank you!

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