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Understand Marketing Through The Internet

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Internet Marketing (unit 30)
Assignment guidelines
LO1: Understand marketing through the internet
You are an online marketing manager with eBay and have been asked to write a report on the concepts and elements of internet marketing. For the report, you need to cover all key areas of the AC’s (LO 1) below You will be using eBay as a reference to explain the AC’s for LO 1 below.
AC 1.1 Explain the elements of internet marketing
Explain the marketing concept in relation to the internet as a marketing tool
Using the 6(i)s framework, explain the differences between internet marketing and offline marketing.

Explain the following elements :(digital marketing, e-marketing, e-commerce, and e-business)
AC 1.2 Evaluate the e-marketing mix
Evaluate E-bay’s marketing mix.
Your evaluation should show knowledge of factors that could have influenced the design of E-bay’s marketing mixAC 1.3 Compare internet marketing tools
Compare the under listed internet marketing tools and discuss their relative benefits to search engine marketing: pay per click , affiliate marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, web copy writing, conversion analytics and social media marketing .

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Understand Marketing Through The Internet
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Your answer should be based on ebay or any other online-based company of your choice.
AC 1.4 Examine Interactive order processing
Explain what an interactive order processing system means
Illustrate an order processing system using a relevant diagram
Your illustration should be followed with a brief description of order of activities from the time a customer develops online shopping need to delivery timeLO 2: be able to use the internet for promotion using digital marketing communications
AC 2.1 Demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing
Review a website of your choice and Identify elements that can be improved to increase the effectiveness of the website
Make a proposal on how the homepage ca be improved
Suggesting a unique title for the site , make a wireframe of…

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