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Understanding Performance Management

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    It is important that we assess performance both informally and formally. Informal assessment is the day to day supervision of individuals and teams by in our case the team leaders. It is important to use our day to day observations and communications to sort any performance issues as soon as they arise. We can see if the team members are carrying out their procedures in the correct way, not only efficiently and to the required standards but also in a safe way not compromising the health and safety standards.

    Working closely with our am allows us to build a relationship gaining trust and hopefully helping to motivate them. It is important that we listen to our team and give them as much support as they need whether it be extra training or any personal problems. The team member should also be made aware that formal processes will be used if performance does not meet expected standards, informal warnings may be given first. Using our shop floor data collection system we can gather all of the relevant information on each team member to measure their performance over a period of 6-12 months.

    We can then use all of our data to present to them at their appraisal. Doing this allows us to give them feedback of how they are performing and also gives them a chance to tell us how they think they are performing, so it’s important that they have info about the review in advance so they can be ready with any questions or concerns and give their own feedback. At the end of the reviews we should let the individuals know what new targets we have set and the time periods that we expect them to reach them. Our role as line managers is to make sure everyone has everything they need to perform at the standards we require.

    For instance, machine operatives need all the relevant information to be able to run each job to the specification the customer requires. We need to be on hand to help our team resolve issues and be there to give as much support as needed. Regular communication will help build up a relationship and in turn help motivate the team. Know how to manage performance of individuals in the team To ensure fair and objective formal assessments you firstly need to have set clear and achievable targets, doing the opposite will have a detrimental effect on the team member’s performance.

    At OFF we use a system called shop floor data collection. This records everything from reel changes to how long a job takes to UN, this is all very accurate information that we gather which we can then use as evidence to present at the teams formal assessments. It’s only fair to allow the individual to have access to the report to review before the appraisal takes place. An objective describes something which an individual, team or organization are hoping to achieve.

    Objectives are ‘SMART’ if they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time- bound Specific – What wants to be achieved? Set change time. Improve on the amount of time taken to change a set. Measurable- How will you measure the outcome? We will time the set change using our SCOFF (shop floor data collection). Achievable – Is it something the individual is capable of achieving but also challenging? Proven tests carried out and targets are achievable. Realistic – Is it possible to achieve the objective?

    It needs to be challenging but it needs to be possible for the individual. There are different set change procedures on different machines. Targets will be set accordingly and will be possible to achieve. We would set a time of 2 minutes for a 4 across job, it currently takes 4 minutes.

    Time-bound – A deadline, date or time when he objective will be accomplished. Results should be instant but can also be recorded over a longer period to get a better average time. We recently set performance standards for all of our team members, Slitters, packers and assistant’s. We got together with our managers and wrote up a set of expectations. When setting standards you must be careful not to set them too high because they might become denominating, anything to low you might lose quality and productivity.

    Each individual was given their expectations pack to take home and read through and meetings were arranged to go through these ND discuss any issues there may be. Once these expectations are signed the team then knows what is expected of them and the standards they must meet. Below are some examples of a glitter’s expectations: Achieve Changeover and Downtime targets Maintain quality standard through the run of each job Suggest improvements to procedures and processes The first way we would measure performance to agreed standards is by using our day to day observations.

    We would check the quality produced and the way we produced it, if it was produced efficiently and to our H standards. We ill also use our SCOFF to collate all relevant information and display results on boards all over the department. Using the SCOFF is the most accurate way for us to measure our team’s performance. Understand the value of feedback in the workplace Feedback plays a very important part in performance management. It is a good tool to help motivate and also enhance relationships within your team.

    Letting an individual know that they are doing a good job is going to make them feel they are making a difference, making them happier which in turn would improve productivity. It is important that feedback is given in the correct way if it is done n a negative way it can have the opposite effect and denominate your team leading to underperformed which can also have a knock on effect throughout the department. The feedback cannot always be positive, but if you try and put a positive spin on a negative situation this would help.

    Feedback is guidance, for instance if a job has been slit or packed wrong, use this as an opportunity to guide them to know how to do the job properly. Feedback can work both ways, ask your team for feedback on you. You might think you’re doing a good job but it’s always good to hear from your team of any concerns they may have. Take it n board and if it’s something you need to change or do then do it, if the team see changes that can also help motivate. When giving feedback it is best to action it straight away to get the greatest impact.

    Always give a lot of detail, if an operator slit an urgent job quickly and completed it in time don’t just say “Well done, that was great”, give reasons why it was great. For example, “Thank you for all your efforts completing that urgent job for me, you completed it really efficiently and the quality was excellent, well done, I couldn’t have asked for anymore”, thanks again. Lots of praise will go a long way. If there are negatives to the feedback try and end the conversation on a positive note, this will leave the individual feeling a little happier.

    It is also important to get the timing right when giving feedback, wait for a time when the individual is not too busy and in a positive mood, they will take a lot more on board. Give feedback all the time, if someone is doing a good job tell them, a happier team equals a more productive team, it also makes your job easier. Know how to manage underperformed in the workplace We are currently looking into the packing area of our department, there seems o be a real problem with underperformed and as their line manager I have been asked to identify the reasons why.

    We have 2 packers per shift but currently only 1 of these are what’s called a ‘lead packer’. This is someone that has been fully trained and is able to run the whole of the packing department. Once the other packer is fully trained we are implementing a staggered tea break procedure, basically packers cannot have a break together. This will mean that the packing will always carry on throughout the shift. We have spoken to the packers and asked them if they have any ideas to how we can make the packing ore efficient. This feedback is important as they are the ones doing the job every day so hopefully they should have some good ideas.

    Machine operators are not reaching reel change and downtime targets set. Speak to the operator and make them aware that they are not reaching the targets set out in their expectations. Work closely to identify the reasons why and come up with a plan to bring them back up to acceptable levels. There are many causes for failure to meet agreed performance levels; the first and most simple one is the incorrect information or lack of information that has been given. This would result in lost mime waiting for the correct information.

    Secondly, poor communication, if you do not explain something right this could be confusing to your team causing errors whilst running jobs i. E. Too much material being used, not enough slit for the job or job being slit out of spec etc. It could also come down to personal problems, this will need to be identified and as much support given where needed. Poor performance could also be down to poor management. If you do not approach and deal with situations correctly this may cause unrest within the department leading to employees not wanting to do their jobs.

    Try to keep morale up in the department, talk to your team in an appropriate way and gain respect. There are different actions we can take to restore performance to acceptable levels. We would first act informally. Address any problems as soon as possible, the problem will not just go away and is likely to get worse if left. Remind the individual of their expectations that we agreed to and make them aware of the high standards that OFF require. Give feedback to the operator so they can identify where they are underperforming, involving the operator will help motivate them.

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