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unit 1 assignment 1: Report Cybercrimes



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    Unit 1 Assignment 1: Adding Active DirectoryLearning Objectives and Outcomes:
    You will learn the impact of adding the Active Directory to an existing network in a Windows environment. Tasks: Provide the answers to the following questions to satisfy the key points of interest to the Ken 7 Windows Limited management regarding the addition of the Active Directory to the network.1. Currently, system administrators create Ken 7 users in each computer where users need access. In the Active Directory, where will system administrators create Ken 7 users?
    Setting up Domain Administrator Account for users first, you should create a new user account on the domain controller.
    To this effect, complete the following tasks:
    Log in to the domain controller.
    Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and click Active Directory Users and Computers.
    In the left pane of the Active Directory Users and Computers window, expand the contents of the newly created Active Directory domain (in our case it is mycompany.local).
    A. Right-click the Users folder, point to New, and select User.
    B. In the New Object – User window, do the following:
    Type your first and last names in the First name and Last name fields, respectively.
    In the User logon name field, type a name that will be used to log on to the Active Directory domain.
    2. How will the procedures for making changes to the user accounts, such as password changes, be different in the Active Directory?  
    Through Active Directory (AD), the sys admin would be able to have the passwords changed by each user by Active Directory managing the “roll-out” of asking that passwords being changed & needed security strength of the password by the internal automation of Active Directory. This is randomly handled by AD in a “90” or “120” day timeframe.
    The procedures for making changes to the user accounts to reset a user password:
    Using the Windows interface 
    Using a command line
    3. What action should administrators take…

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