Human Protection Risk Assessment

A person centred approach is when you take into account the care and support an individual may need or require and the quality in which u provide it. It assists people in the care sector in finding out what is important to that person and enhances the relationship that you are then able to build up by following there wants and needs.

It is important to ensure you follow the person centred plan so that you are offering the best quality of care to each individual service user. This then influences the way that you deliver the service and how you adapt it to each person differently.

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By following an individual’s values gives you the chance to offer the best quality of care as you are meeting all the wants and needs of the individual service user. This reduces stress and strain on the individual as they feel that you have actually taken the time to read about them and there wants and want makes them happy or unhappy.

There are different ways to use a risk assessment ranging from behavioural to assessing an activity. The difference between the 2 is that with behaviour you are recording ways in which you can deal with certain behaviours and assessing which behaviours may be dangerous/negative or behaviours that are positive. When using a risk assessment for an activity you are recording what risks there are when you are out on the activity and what controls you have in place to try and reduce the risk from happening.

A risk assessment is in place to protect the person from harm and keeping them safe. It also is there to protect staff from any legal action if something happens. It is a person’s right to be kept safe under somebody else’s care and it is the careers responsibility to ensure that the risks in somebody’s care are not encroaching on the person’s right. It is used so the individual can still make choices and for care staff to assess the risks and have the correct controls in place to reduce the risk.

Everyone in the world takes risks every second of the day. It is your right to take the risk but when caring for someone you need to make sure that a written risk assessment is completed. Risks occur throughout the whole of care from wheel chair pushing to transferring clients from toilets to baths etc.

Because risks can change regularly assessments must be regulated so that the changes can be applied. You may have something on a risk assessment that may have been relevant a year ago but now is no longer in play but something else may have replace it. In that case it needs to be edited so it is correct and up to date.

Once a risk assessment is agreed it is then relevant to that person’s safety and well-being. A risk assessment ensures you are following the correct procedures and measures in keeping the person safe by identifying the risks involved and using the controls that are in place to reduce the said risks.

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