Unit 5: Federalism: State and Local Government

necessary and proper
Read this quote from Article I of the Constitution.

Congress shall have power . . . [t]o make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers.

Which part of this quote is the basis for implied powers?

a government in which power is divided between state and national levels
What is the best definition of federalism?
Since federal powers are superior, the Constitution makes the decision.
When an issue creates disagreement among the states, how does federalism solve the problem?
specifically granted in the Constitution.
Expressed powers are those that are
creating a national bank
Which of these powers is considered an implied power?
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collecting taxes
Which of these is considered a concurrent power?
It divides power between state and national governments.
Which statement about federalism is accurate?
the concept of federalism
The Supremacy Clause forms the root of what aspect of the country’s government system?
The debate is over whether the issue should be under federal or state control.
Based on the foundations of federalism, why is health care under such an ongoing political debate?
Most states have legislatures with a small upper house and a large lower house.
Which best explains how state legislative branches are structured?
a state’s constitution.
The branches of state government are established by
makes laws and approves budgets.
A state’s legislative branch
establishing school districts.
In terms of education, state governments are responsible for
chief executive
What is another name for the governor of a state?
State governments oversee voter registration for national, state, and local elections.
Which best states the connection between state governments and voter registration?
serves as second-in-command in the executive branch.
A state’s lieutenant governor
a state’s constitution
Which establishes the duties and responsibilities of state government?
A type of infrastructure that state governments maintain is
collecting taxes from citizens.
States mainly raise revenue by
In both systems, a council is responsible for making laws and policies.
In what way are a mayor-council system and a council-manager system similar?
A town creates a school district and a business district.
Which situation best describes zoning?
limiting the number of fast-food restaurants that can be built near a residential area.
One example of regulating zoning is
manage public schools in accordance with state and federal law.
The main function of a school board is to
public utilities
A municipality’s infrastructure includes which of the following?
the council-executive system
Which county government system most resembles the structure of the federal government?
governing the county, overseeing departments, and creating policies.
In a supervisor system, a board of supervisors is responsible for
counties and municipalities
Which of these levels of governments are categorized as local governments?
manage city departments.
A “strong mayor” in the mayor-council system has the authority to
public safety
Local governments provide different services. Under which category of services do firefighters fall?
data and statistics
Which is most useful in understanding how the cost of a college education has risen?
Online education will likely reduce costs and provide greater access for different kinds of students.
Which explains how advances in online education will most likely affect college costs in the future?
an informal tone.
A candidate’s use of “I” statements in an opening statement is an example of
the candidate is using a personal style to connect with the audience.
Read the sample opening statement.

I meet young people all across America who cannot afford the price of a four-year education. That’s wrong. To go to a private four-year institution today is going to cost you eight times what it did in 1980.

This problem isn’t going away, and we can’t afford to ignore it any longer. To reduce costs, we need to shift our thinking and turn from the old model. That’s why I support an increased investment in online learning. This will make education more affordable and accessible for all Americans.

A conclusion that can be drawn about the use of technique in the statement is

Higher education costs continue to rise and create problems for students.
Which is a true statement about the trend in higher education costs?
“then” and “now” statements.
An example of a rhetorical technique a candidate could use in an opening statement is
evaluating sources
Which step is involved in doing research on the cost of a college education?
In an opening statement, a candidate could use the “us” and “them” technique to persuasively address
they are usually elected by popular vote.
A similarity between the leaders of state executive and legislative branches is that
county and municipal
What are the two smallest forms of government in the United States?
It describes the relationship between federal and state power.
Why is the Supremacy Clause considered to be “the root of federalism”?
the state court system
To which court system do city courts belong?
creates a main claim.
By identifying a way to deal with higher education costs, a writer also
In order to assure that a policy speech acknowledges an issue, identifies a solution, and explains a plan of action, a writer should use an
persuasive language
Read the opening statement about college costs.

First, the cost of private institutions climbed higher and higher. Now, public institutions have fallen in line. Over the past 10 years, the cost of an education at a public university has risen 42 percent. Imagine if your salary, or your bank account, grew by 42 percent the past 10 years. Maybe then you could pay for your education!

Which does the candidate’s opening statement use?

by convincing colleges that students can afford the costs.
Read the following excerpt.

Others argue the reason higher education costs have increased is the accessibility of large government grants and loans such as Pell Grants and Guaranteed Student loans. These create an impression that students have ways to afford the costs and higher education institutions don’t have much incentive to cut costs.

Based on the excerpt, student loans contribute to higher college costs

It oversees state agencies and elections.
In state government, what does the office of the secretary of state do?
In most states, each individual county has its own government.
Which of these statements about counties is true?
Both are divided into three branches.
What is one way local governments are similar to federal governments?
A state’s responsibility for public safety includes maintaining
allow citizens to choose representatives.
State governments are required to
concurrent powers.
Passing laws, creating courts, and collecting taxes are examples of
a reserved power.
Writing a state constitution is an example of
State governments are required to
allow citizens to choose representatives.
Passing laws, creating courts, and collecting taxes are examples of
a reserved power.
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