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Unit Review Question 1 Essay

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Unit 1 Review Questions (Chapters 1-3)


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Unit Review Question 1
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? Please click the link belowView/Complete Assignment: Unit 1 Review Questions (Chapters 1-3).
? Open the attached Assignment File (Word document) below (or copy and paste the following into a new Word document if the attached does not open).
? Respond to all questions by providing sufficient detail from the assigned textbook/article readings.
? Attach your Word document and press the Submit button below.
? Essay questions for Exam 1 will be selected from the questions below.

DUE: Monday, January 16, 2012 by 11:59p via the Blackboard Assignments link

Chapter 1

1. What different theories have been held concerning the cause of disease from early times to the present? Please briefly describe each theory.

2. What kind of measures were taken to guard the health of the community in early times?

3. What new diagnostic tools were used in the nineteenth century?

4. What are Koch’s postulates?

5. What important advances in the knowledge of disease were made in the nineteenth century?

6. What newly discovered infectious diseases caused death in the twentieth century?

Chapter 2

1. What is meant by prevalence rate and incidence rate?

2. What are the differences among the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of disease prevention?

3. How does the classic epidemiologic theory of disease apply to infectious and noninfectious disease?

4. What is the attack rate?

5. Describe the various parts of the Chain of Infection, how it works, and its importance in infection control/public health.

Chapter 3

1. How do the external barriers protect us from disease?

2. What do the friendly bacteria do to protect us from disease?

3. Explain what occurs during the inflammatory response.

4. What factors cause a difference in the time required for healing?

5. What is the difference between acquired active natural immunity and acquired active artificial.

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