Unstoppable the Movie Essay

Just watched the movie, Unstoppable, in BIG cinema Teluk Intan - Unstoppable the Movie Essay introduction. I went there with a good friend. This movie was recommended by my best buddy in Facebook. I watched the trailer before too. I was amazed by the story line of the movie. So, decided to watch it as my plan to beach spoilt. I won’t write in detail about the story. It would become the synopsis of it if I do so. I chose to share my feeling after watching this movie. The train, 777, with no driver on it moved along the main track was the main character I shall say.

Everything was focusing on it and it carried out the message of the story. What is unstoppable actually? For me, I felt that the love from family will not stop no matter what we face and no matter how we are. Just like Will, though his relation with his wife was broken, his courage and his love towards family supported him to the end. He was such a hero when he tried to lock the hook manually. I was touched when he managed to climb up after injured his right leg.

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His great determination and strong will to survive in order to see his family made him went through all those obstacles. I always believe. The other scene which touched me was when Frank called his daughters and told them he love them. It reminded me on my father. I could not even listen to his voice before he went to a place far away from us. This scene went deep into my heart. It is the deepest part of my heart. If you have watched this movie, could you recall the moment when the train almost reached the deadly turn? I really respect Frank.

His steadiness and his bravery as well as his calmness really impressed me. We could see that sometime experience may help than those theories we learned in school. That is why I always support problem-based learning method to be used in classroom. However, some misused this method in learning process as the merit system which emphasize on the results more than the process. This will definitely lead to students copy and paste what senior had done in order to score well in academic. But, do the aims achieved at the end?

When Will and Frank managed to stop down the train and everyone was running towards them, shouting hooray, as if they were the best hero of all, I shed my tears of joy. The joy of their bravery gained successes in the end. Besides, there was also joy of family gather together and broke the ice berg between them. The love and the support from the family is the greatest courage for a person to go further. It is true and it always a truth. Unstoppable, what is unstoppable? Love, family and courage are the unstoppable elements in our live.

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