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Up-to-date Mobile Phones

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The use of mobiles or cell phones in educational institutions, specifically among universities, has caused many arguments in the society. One part of society has supported the use of cell phones in universities; the other part has opposed their use bitterly during in universities. Students should not be allowed to use mobile phones in university because they misuse them, cause distraction and limit learning. First of all, students should not use cell phones in universities because they cause disruptions during class time.

For instance, some student in class may have a loud, funny ringtone that interrupt learning whenever a student receives a call or SMS. This happens as some students forget to switch off their phones and, as a result, they make a lot of noise during class time that eventually disorders the learning process because it will make students forget a part of the lesson that is so important to them. Secondly, mobile phones should not be used in universities and other institutions of learning because the students can misuse it.

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Up-to-date Mobile Phones
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Despite the fact that the up-to-date mobile phones are well equipped with other additional features like email, radio, Bluetooth and cameras, students have tended to abuse them through cyber bullying whereby they hurl insults and write vulgarity to harm other students through social platforms like Facebook and twitter. Another reason why mobile phones should never be accepted in universities is the fact that their use has been known to deter the remembering of learned knowledge by the students. It has been recognized that some students have become addicted to the use of mobile phones to the extent that their rate of knowledge retention is too low because of minds that are preoccupied with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The use of mobile phones by students in universities should be banned altogether since their use has been associated with exam cheating thus gaining an unfair advantage over their peers.

In conclusion, given the compelling evidence and the undeniable negative results regarding the use of mobile phones by students within university grounds, government legislators should support the ban on mobile phones. This is because while the gadgets were meant to aid communication between different people in different circumstances, the students have continued to use them negatively thus bringing lots of harm on each other.

Some people said that cell phones should not be prohibited on campus because it helps students in studying times. For example, it can be used for a quick search for information rather than wasting time to open the computer. They also said that cell phones can be used to translate words. This is true but the majority of students tend to use it in a bad way

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