USA map and related variables

            In New York, the top places where the concentrations of foreign-born residents are high, as defined by 80-100% of the population, are in the places of Bronx, New York City, Queens, and Nassau. On the other hand, the areas where the lowest percentages of foreign born, defined as those with 0-5 % of the total population, may be found are mainly in the southern part of the Nassau and in the entire Suffolk Area.

            Studying the percentage of recent immigrants, it can be noticed that the state of New York recently did not experience an influx of immigrants even in the areas where percentages of foreign-born residents are high. This indicates that they have been there for the past decades.

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            Likewise, when the variable percentage of foreign-born residents is compared to the percentage of people who speaks another language aside from English, it can be noticed that they have a direct relationship such that when the percentage of foreign-born residents is high, the percentage of people who speaks another language aside from English is also high.

            On the other hand, there is an indirect relationship when it comes to the variables of population density and percentage of foreign born. In places where there are high percentages of foreign born residents, the population density is also low. There are a lot of suburban areas, as characterized by the population density, where the percentage of foreign-born residents is high.

            The desirable level of geography would have to depend on the depth of analysis required. For the purpose of answering the above questions, it was easier to use the tract level because it allows the comparison of the different variables for the different parts of the State of New York. It is easier to answer the questions using a bird’s eye view of the percentages instead of having to study the towns one by one.

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