Use of Science in Frankenstein and Present Day Societys

In our world today, science plays a vital role in many different aspects.Science is important in roles such as aiding the sick, and finding cures.Although many people believe science can only do well for society, there are many ways science can be responsible for negative outcomes.In the motion picture, Frankenstein, director James Whale shows how some aspects of science, one being the creation of life, can have harmful results.In our world, such examples as cloning and nuclear energy also raise questions about harmful results. In the field of science, many creations or ideas have bad outcomes in their finished products.In Frankenstein, Dr. Henry Frankenstein uses science to attempt to successfully create a perfect human being.By mistake, his assistant takes a criminal brain instead of a normal brain.Unaware of the mistake, Henry continues with his creation.When he isfirst brought to life, he seems to be harmless, seems to listen well, and seems like he is a perfect creation. Shortly after, however, he begins to notice many things wrong with him.After he finds out though that his creation turned out defective, things began to turn horrific.He was uneducated, disobedient, and destructive.A scene that exemplifies this is when the monster is playing by the lake with the little girl.The girl shows the monster how the flowers float.After she demonstrates, the monster makes a flower float, and becomes fascinated.From observing the flower, the monster then attempts to throw the little girl into the lake, believing she will float as well, however, she cannot swim, and ends up drowning.Since he was not educated, he was not aware that all objects do not float.The monster, ironically, also almost killed his creator, Dr. Frankenstein, which is also a fear of science in out society today.

In today's world, science plays such a vital role.Science aids and advances the field of health tremendously, by fi…

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