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Using Ict in Classroom

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Classrooms can provide students with a myriad of learning possibilities and ICT is certainly the most emerging. ICT offers thinking and learning in a new and more engaging way (Howell, 2012). Students are often noticeably more motivated and excited to participate in technology based learning especially as it offers such visual presence. Students also have the opportunities to learn with extended higher order thinking activities and with some examples being, podcasts, movie making, animations and digital storytelling.

The Catholic Education office (2012) points out that there are many benefits to online learning.

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Using Ict in Classroom
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The technology system used is often interactive and can be used as a useful reporting tool. The use of technology can also enable learning outside the classroom and offer learning in any environment. A study completed in 2011 at the Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute proved that with technology, children whom were unwell and not able to attend school still had the same opportunities to learn. (Ellis, 2011, p. 2)

ICT may well be emerging but is still important for teachers to ensure that they incorporate ICT as a support to good learning outcomes.

It is important to ensure that the pedagogy for technology is relevant to the curriculum and doesn’t conflict with communication levels between students. Not all students will respond to this type of learning and teachers should be aware that students have their ideas on what they want to learn. As Howell (2012) points out, students are not all digital natives and schools and teachers need to make provision for all rounded learning.

Teachers also need to be aware of the limitations that ICT can cause and some of these being the concern of online security, easy distraction, cost and adequate support for parents. (Department of Education, Training & Employment, 2012). Teachers along with parents need to ensure that students are not operating the technology devices for long periods of time as this may have impact on the student’s physical development. Short term use will help to combat the risks of obesity from inactivity and limited use will also help alleviate stress on vision.

In essence, ICT is certainly important in this 21st century digital age and with the right use the benefits will outweigh the limitations. Students do need the exposure to ICT to ensure that they are being prepared for the real world. Howell (2012) makes a good point that ICT will be life-long learning as the digital age will continue. Teachers can offer their students the skills and motivation to prove that with ICT exploration learning can be never ending. Schools now realise that the workforce will demand skills in ICT and the curriculum on offer can now help students to be better prepared for when they leave the classroom.

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