Utopia Research Paper Is Utopia Possible

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Is Utopia Possible? The reply to that depends on what your vision of Utopia is. In Gonzalo ’ s universe everything would be provided by nature, people would be guiltless and uneducated and there would be no such thing as force because there would be no entree to arms or intoxicant. Gonzalo ’ s vision is a nice idea but I feel he has underestimated the human ’ s need for material objects.

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My belief is that Humanity will make Utopia by geting powerful technological abilities, while human features remain basically the same. Nanotechnology is the most radical of presently conceived future technological abilities. Nanotechnology is merely molecular fabrication. A nanometre is one-billionth of a metre, so nanomachines would be at an infinite graduated table. All affair ( gases, liquids, and solid objects ) is composed of molecules, and molecules are merely specific combinations of atoms. Molecular assembly programs, microscopic machines, would construct molecules by seting atoms together. Merely give this machine any type of affair, such as H2O, and it can rearrange the atoms to do anything else, such as an apple, or gold. These nanomachines can even do transcripts of themselves, so that one time one is built, Humanity can hold all the nanomachines it wants. Every place could hold a machine, dwelling of a really big measure of these microscopic nanomachines, to supply for all stuff demands. For illustration, if you want a glass of orange juice merely state the machine and it can utilize H2O from a H2O line connexion to do a glass filled with orange juice. When you are finished imbibing the juice, merely put the glass in the machine, and the machine will turn the glass back into clean H2O and direct the H2O down the drain.

Peoples will ne’er hold to shop once more. New apparels, caviar, lobster, no job, merely state the machine to do whatever is wanted. These nanomachines will construct illumination supercomputers, and automatons of any coveted size. Peoples will non hold to work because these automatons, computing machines and machines, will be able to execute any undertaking that need

s to be done, or is desired to be done. However, if one desires to work, these production methods can be used to make any work environment one desires.

Material poorness will be eliminated. Money, a medium of exchange for material goods and services, will go disused, because every person can hold all of their stuff demands and desires fulfilled by this limitless production capableness. Taxs are no longer necessary. Nanomachines can police the human organic structure killing viruses, canceling any cancerous growings, and regenerating damaged cells so that one ne’er gets ill.

Pollution will non ensue from this molecular fabrication procedure, and these nanomachines can be unleashed to clean up any preexisting pollution. There is no demand to reap trees, or other natural resources, because nanomachines can do anything desired. Animals will non hold to be raised for slaughter to feed worlds or supply apparels, because nanomachines can do anything desired. This limitless production system merely needs affair and energy to work These machines can do solar panels and energy storage devices so efficient that the energy from the Sun will be the lone power of all time needed. The merely other thing needed to run the machines is some type of affair, which can be air, H2O, soil, or anything else that is plentiful.

Antic technology efforts are possible, such as diaphanous domes over metropoliss to extinguish conditions concerns, and an extended H2O shrieking system to extinguish drouth and inundations. Extraordinary amusement Parkss and amusement centres could be built with this engineering. Space geographic expedition and colonisation would be easy executable with this engineering. Whole planets can be encased in a protective diaphanous shield and a holiday Eden or populating infinite can be created on them.

n amount, through some combination of machines, automatons, computing machines, and/or other engineerings, Humanity will hold the ability to supply for all stuff demands and desires, and Humanity can thereby do and/or make any environment desired. Humanity will be able to construct perfect topographic points.

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