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Values Reflection Essay

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  • Pages 5
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    Values can be defined as a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life (, 2019). To me everyone has a set of values that they live by, regardless if they are right or wrong. In this paper, I will attempt to show you how I look at my core values, how people acquire and change values, what values do for us, and the importance of human values in the workplace?

    My Values

    I was blessed with a family who stood on values, the values that made you understand by any means necessary never give up on life. My values stem from my dad and grandmother, where my dad told me never to give up on school, just keep pushing to have a good job where you can grow with some stability. Then my grandmother would say whenever the time comes for me to have kids raise them better than you were raised by always being honest. I believe that honesty and honoring your word is very important. I gave nine years of my life to a job that made me grow up and that’s where some of my core values came from.

    Honor, Courage, and Commitment were the core values for me at Brinks. So, in return, those were my values as well and I set that for my kids. My honor and commitment value came from giving my best and keeping my word. Protecting my customer’s assets and servicing the community was both honoring and committing to a vow that was made. Having the courage to never look back on my decisions and second guess my self. Providing a life for my children and my family was also a commitment.

    Another set of values I live by are honesty, trustworthiness, and free will. My dad and grandmother lived life for family and themselves, so I always wanted to live like them. Being able to be free and make all decisions on your own accord without any influence was a big part of my life. I believe that you have to be honest and trustworthy if you are going to have any success in life. People don’t want to be lied to and always want somebody they can trust and depend on. These are the values I believe in and live my life by, now let’s explore how people acquire and change values.


    Where do people acquire or change their values? It is understood that most of the values I have seen or learned has been taught to us through our parents and or school. When you’re told to complete a task in school and turn it in on time or when your parents give you a curfew to be home by.

    These are certain values that teachers, parents, and relatives try to teach you as you grow up. Many people can acquire values from their friends or by television. We can absorb television and portray certain values we see on TV. Such as courage, and kindness, these values can be learned from certain shows. Our friends have much influence on how you dress, act, or even react. This starts to show how people change their values.

    Changing values comes from the extent of influence or new beginnings of life. When we get a new job, many want to be on time or spontaneous. Marriage will help you change your values because we are no longer thinking about ourselves. After leaving a job for nine years and starting a new adventure as a teacher can also, help you change your values. Becoming part of a bigger family such as education and protecting your coworkers as well as yourself is a big task. Change is inevitable, but we do with our values over time is what can define us for the rest of our lives.


    Values are essential in life and they help us conduct ourselves in proper manners, depending on the values they live by (Value of Values, 2015). What, is it that values make us do? Values help us make decisions in life, to know right from wrong, and to be a good human being in general.

    Having good values can help you make the right decisions such as: helping an elderly person across the street, participating in community service, and volunteering your free time to help special needed kids. All of these things portray good values. Having poor values can get you sent to jail or prison. These values would consist of: breaking the law, hurting others, and lying at work to cover your own skin. Let’s discuss the importance of values in the workplace.

    Workplace values are the guiding principles that are most important because that’s who we are at work (Eyre, 2015). In the working environment, it’s very important that everyone has similar values because any differences can cause for in cohesive units to not be successful (Eyre, 2015). And that doesn’t show up to work on time can make those that do feel like they are doing more work and not being rewarded or recognized.

    This can cause friction and bad blood between individuals in the workplace. Good values to have in the workplace would be accountability, honesty, attention to detail, communicating well with others, honesty, reliability, and positive attitude (Eyre, 2015). Good values in the workplace can mean great success for a business and it also provides a good working environment.


    Everyone has values, some are good and some are bad. We as people can learn values from friends, family, or colleagues but it’s up to you to choose which values to hold onto. Everyone in the world isn’t going to be perfect, but we can all strive to be and that’s what values are meant for.


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