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Learning Style of Multimode



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    Throughout the paper, this writer’s preferred learning style would be discuss along with preferred learning strategies and compared to the strategies provided from the questionnaire. It will also appraise any changes that need to be made to enhance the learning ability. The Preferred Learning Style This part is going to discuss this writer’s preferred learning style and the way it affects the learning process. After taking the questionnaire, the PARK showed a learning style of multimode. Multimode consist of several modes of learning which help you adapt to the learning styles that is required.

    Multimode consists of two or more of the following learning techniques: Visual, aural, kinesthesia, and read/write. Multiple preference involves more use of the brain enabling memory to store more of what we are studying. Brain-imaging researchers have been able to pin point main areas of the brain important for each learning style. Visual sense involves the occipital lobes and parietal lobes maintain the spatial orientation. The Visual mode of learning involves flow charts, diagrams, pictures, flash cards, and graphs to learn.

    Most visual learners prefer to study alone, in a quiet area where they take many notes and write down details. Aural sense involves the temporal lobes and the right temporal is specifically important for music. The Aural mode of learning involving sound, music, and rhyme in learning. Kinesthesia senses involves the cerebellum and the motor cortex, which engages all of the physical movement. Kinesthesia learners prefers using body, hands, and sense of touch to learn. Kinesthesia learners do well with hands on training and use writing, drawing diagrams to study too.

    Read/write sense involves the parietal lobes and drives our logical thinking. The Read/Write mode of learning involves list, reading, writing, paying attention to glossaries, and re-writing notes. This writer’s questionnaire produced results of multimode learning style, so two or more of the learning styles displayed show equal or almost equal predominant preference. Multimode learners use multiple strategies to enhance their learning abilities. Learning Strategies Preferred This writers personal preference of learning strategies are exactly what the questionnaire showed.

    Many of the study habits start with reading, looking at pictures, diagrams, rewriting notes, and making flash cards. This writer likes to study alone and at times enjoy music in the background. When this writer is in a classroom setting, the writer sits in the front of the class, textbook is used, and notes are specific to what the instructor says. After lecture has taken place, this writer reads notes over and highlights specific ideas and words are rewritten into own words. When this writer is at work hands on training and reviewing the skill is preferred to learn new skills.

    In order for this writer to learn and process information properly many learning styles are used. Identified and Preferred Learning Strategies Compared The Identified learning strategies is similar to the preferred learning strategies due to it being the multimode learning style and that learning strategies incorporates all the learning styles. The only difference in this preferred learning strategies and the Identified learning strategies were the Aura learning style that was a low score for the writer. This writer does prefer music to study with but not all the time. Sometimes music interferes with the writers learning process.

    The preferred learning strategies and Identified learning strategies fall into the four categories of learning styles that are encouraged to be incorporated in learning a new technique or skill. It is important that the information provided be reviewed and the best mode for learning that particular subject is conveyed. Evaluation of Changes Needed in Study Habits This writer will review all of the learning styles that will make improvements to current study habits. Strategies from read/write learning incorporated with tragedies from kinesthesia learning appears to be effective for this writer.

    Recognizing new learning styles will improve the quality and speed of this writers learning and study abilities. This writer will not limit the learning styles but expand the knowledge by learning a variety of strategies to increase learning ability. It is important to be flexible in the learning styles to be able to switch from one style to the next style to enhance the knowledge that one needs to improve skills. Conclusion of PARK Assessment Tools Many people remain constant in their learning styles but are able to adapt to ewe learning styles if influenced by a learning environment.

    Some learning strategies can improve a person’s study habits so it would be beneficial to study other learning styles to become more successful. It is necessary to practice a new skill to make the most of the new learning strategies and make it a new habit of studying. This writer plans to review the results and learn new styles and strategies to improve grades and to be more successful at school and work.

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