VARK Learning Style Essay - Part 2

In 1987, Neil Fleming developed an inventory designed to help students and others learn more about their individual learning preferences - VARK Learning Style Essay introduction. That invention is the VARK Assessment. “VARK is a questionnaire developed and used at Lincoln University, identifies the preferences of students for particular modes of information presentation”(Fleming, 1995). After taking the VARK quiz, it turns out the writer have a multimodal learning preference which includes both Aural and Read/Write learning styles. Aural learning style is basically related to all the things that have to do with hearing, or listening such as a lecture.

A person who is an aural learner, learns best through listening to things being taught and might have a harder time trying to gain knowledge using other methods such as reading, write, or using visual diagrams. The Read/Write learning style on the other hand is more about reading about the subjects, and writing things down in the process in order to learn. A person who is a read/write learner is someone who learns best through reading textbooks, notes, handouts and things of that sort while also writing things down about what they read in order to retain the information and learn it in a more efficient way.

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As a multimodal learner, the writer according to the VARK quiz should use a combination of these two learning styles to acquire the best results. Learning strategies which work best according to the writer while studying would be reading study guides, and taking notes while also listening to lectures which excite a student about that which they are learning about. Reading textbooks and outline each chapter is another strategy the writer use often, since it helps the writer have a concise version of the chapter to refer to before a test.

Other good strategies would be making flash cards, and watching videos about the subject which you are learning in order to retain information. The writer’s learning strategies the writer feel, fall more on the read/write learning side than the aural learning side. Some of the strategies the VARK website provides examples of for Aural and Read/Write learners would be: * attend discussions and tutorials * explain new ideas to other people * use a tape recorder * Put your summarized notes onto tapes and listen to them. * Ask others to ‘hear’ your understanding of a topic. Write out the words again and again. * Read your notes (silently) again and again. * Rewrite the ideas and principles into other words. * Write exam answers. * Practice with multiple choice questions. * Write paragraphs, beginnings and endings. When comparing these strategies with the ones the writer uses her own, the two actually aren’t that different. The writer do attend discussions and tutorials in order to learn, as well as explain ideas to other people, practicing with multiple choice questions, and or course reading notes as the writer mentioned earlier.

Though it is true that the writer do lean more on the read/write strategies since those are usually the ones which are easier to access due to the fact that there isn’t a need for another person to be present whom you can discuss topics with, or a teacher who can lecture you. After comparing the writer’s strategies with the ones provided by the VARK website the writer honestly don’t think there is that much a change which the writer would make in my study habits, except maybe tries recording lectures in order to listen to them whenever the writer need to.

Most of the other strategies the writer already uses to that wouldn’t be a change. The VARK learning style assessment is according to the writer, actually quite accurate in its predictions due to the fact that the writer finds it to fit the ways in which the writer learns perfectly. The writer definitely learns best while using a combination of the two learning styles together. In conclusion, “VARK questionnaire tries to encourage respondents to reflect and answer from within their experience rather than from hypothetical situation”(Fleming & Baume, 2006).

The VARK test provided that the writer is a multimodal learning with the aural and read/write styles included. They also provided strategies which can be used along with the learning styles depending on which one a person might have, and after comparing them to the writer’s. The writer learned that they weren’t all that different after all, and that the VARK test results were accurate in predicting the learning style which fits the writer the best.

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