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Ms. Paula Hougen

Vice President of Personnel

Fun & A ; Games International

425 Fourth Street

P.O. Box 2000

Cincinnati, OH45202-2000

Dear Ms. Hougen,

After seeing your ad for a individual to make parttime typewriting and word processing, I talked with the cooperative instructor here at Sterling High School. I believe I have the accomplishments you need in this place, and I would appreciate your consideration of me for this occupation.

During this twelvemonth, I have taken Keyboarding at Sterling High School. I can type 50 words per minute, and I know how to arrange letters, memos, T

ables, and studies. You can depend on me to follow instructions and to look into my work carefully.

In my concern categories, I have besides studied about out planetary economic system. I do cognize the importance of demoing regard for people from other civilizations, and I have become cognizant of civilization differences. Even thought I do non hold a batch of experience in working with people from a batch of different civilizations, I do thin rapidly and am truly interested in working with people and merchandises in international concern.

At you convenience, I would wish to speak with you about the accomplishments that I could convey to this occupation. Could I delight hold an interview? I can be reached at ( 609 ) 784-1333.


Tom Pancrazio

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