Victims of Love (Speech About Love) Essay

A Wonderful day - Victims of Love (Speech About Love) Essay introduction. Lucky isn’t it? To love and to be loved. Being in love with someone is a very special feeling’s that, you can’t explain, happy, humble and the heart beat’s so fast and strong. And Psychologists describe love as a cognitive and social phenomenon. In Judaism, Ahava is the most commonly used term for both interpersonal love and love between God and God’s creations. While in Christians, true love comes from our Almighty God. There are millions of approaches and theories that talks about love but it cannot help us. Inspite of that approaches we still find ourselves alone, crying and loveless.

It’s annoying that it cannot help us to teach or even to convince our love one’s to love us back. It didn’t help, because at the end of the day the decision is still in our hands. So why am I saying this?? I’m one of the so called “victims of love”. I gave it all (except my body of course), no but’s no ahmm’s-without any hesitation. He’s my ultimate crush. I’m just looking at him at a distance, hoping that someday he will notice me as I am. But how? I’m just a simple girl with my books on my hands and glasses on my eyes. I’m not like any other girl out there, their beautiful, sexy, stunning gorgeous creatures.

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That’s what I believe in, until one day at school. He called me, with his beautiful smile and his tantalizing eyes. I thought he just going bully me again but I’m wrong. With all his worth, he shouted, “this girl (pointing at me) is the reason why smile. ” Then my heart beat’s so fast and I don’t know what to do. In front of everybody, he confesses how he loves me. So magical. Then our love story begins. Like any other couples, we’re always together, eating, having good times, and even doing our assignments. Likewise, during our bad times and mood swings. But at least were together.

Then one day, things changed. He becomes easily angered and we often fight for a non sense reason. Saturday, as I was walking from the library I saw him with another girl and their kissing. The next things happen? I’ve read it before, she run, he runs after her. He explains, she never listen then She slaps him and broke up with him. Ordinary breaking ups scenario but trust me, It hurts !! I just run and cry, I do nothing but cry. I cry because I was the one who broke up with him. The next morning, I tried to talk to him and it hurts me more when I knew that their just betting of me with his friends.

Then I realized how can a man like him become interested to a geek like me? I never thought of this before. He’s my first boyfriend and maybe the last. And yeah I’m frustrated. Everyone is able to love. Everyone, we live because of love, from love. There is no exception. Maybe it’s not the right time and he’s not the right guy. What more important is, I have books, this glass and my nerdy friends. Just remember this, whatever definition of love you believe in, it still you and your future partner-will define your own definition of love. Thank you. My God bless you all.

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