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Violence in Video Gamess Essay

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For some time now many parents have attempted to blame their children's games as the underlying cause behind their child's behavior problems.If anything, it is the parent's responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong and the difference between fantasy and reality. In the last ten year's, video games have become increasingly important in American culture. Despite the evidence that violence is a prevalent factor in the majority of newer games, many people feel that video violence doesn't have harmful side effects, and instead serves as a healthy outlet for aggression.

However, determining the effects of violence in video games is becoming increasingly important among authority figures like parents and representatives of the American government (Violence and Video Games, Par.

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Violence in Video Gamess
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1). Why is there so much violence and what is being done? The answer appears to be simple. Violence sells.According to Ken Wirt, assistant vice-president of NEC, “Violent games are the most popular because the people who spend the most money on games are boys ages 10-16” (Violence and Video Games, Par. 1).People enjoy the action in violent games.There has been a bill introduced to Congress to make it a federal crime to sell or rent violent video games to minors.However, the video game industry is not to concerned with the impending legislature.Doug Lowenstein, the President of the Interactive Digital Software Association (ISDA), the video game trade group, is not worried because he feels that the bill will not "…get anywhere" (Video Game Makers Thumb Noses at Parents, Par 3). Do video games promote violent behavior? There actually is no conclusive evidence that video games cause violent behavior.Mike Snider, a writer for the USA Today magazine, once stated that "If they can prove violent video games do real harm to children…the government in fact may have the right to regulate" (Snider…

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