Violence of the America Essay

On August 5, Jatrek Hewitt, 17, was shot and killed by a NJ police officer for allegedly trying to rob him. The police officer was never charged with anything even though it is illegal for NJ police officers to carry their weapons in New York.

On Monday, August 9, Robert Striker, 54, was killed for allegedly trying to rob a bank. Police officers shot more than 30 bullets, in one of the busiest areas in downtown Manhattan while trying to apprehend Mr.Striker, even though he had already thrown away his gun, and the NYPD’s own tests showed that he had never fired a gun!

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Violence of the America
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Is all the violence in America corrupting everyone who stands for what is right and wrong.

When will the national government acknowledge something is wrong. Will violence finally take its tollon everyone and all civilians will snap and make a move for what is right? The answers lie within us all.

Pierre La Thome Violence and the American Public.

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