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In the ideal America, our celebrated, ethnically diverse populous would overlook

and not even recognize such socially developed stigmas such as race, sex, color, and

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religion. The ideal American would not even look at another and classify that person as

black, white, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Irish, Jewish, Catholic, Jewish or; well, my point is

But America is far from ideal. The ignorance that reigns in this country is

unfortunately passed on from generation to generation with little regard for what effect it

may render on its audience.

Sadly, fear is created from ignorance. Sadder still is that hate

spawns from fear, and as represented by the staggering domestic abuse rate, violence is

handed down from previous generations as well. The probability and means to cultivate

hate crimes is now present and the formula is potent enough to guarantee that they will

Hate crimes are happening in America at a disturbing frequency. That being a

given, it is time we as a society look to the roots of hate crimes in America.

I believe

these roots lie in our society’s notion and practice of family structure. More so in the way

we pass down our ignorance, fear, unacceptance, and intolerance to future generations.

A hate crime in itself is defined as a criminal act with intent to defame and

slander another person. At further introspection though, I think that we will find that

there is more underlying issues than just committing a crime with malice towards

The human mind at the time of birth has no prejudice. A baby does not look at

another human being and feel afraid or angry with that other individual. The human

infant has no predators in these times, therefore there should be no fear instilled

naturally. I would like to think that these minds could be viewed as “clean slates”. So

where does the fear and hatred needed to commit a hate crime, and dirty that slate, come

from? All social science research has come to a solid conclusion that parents, or the

primary caretakers, of a child are the single most influential stimulus on that child’s

development. The answer is that we as a society, both internationally and in America,

have found ways to continually and regeneratively brainwash and condition our children.

We teach them to classify humans with titles that have no real biological worth such as

Asian, American, Latin, African, and European among others.

One fairly publicized hateful incident involved some Texaco executives who

were caught slandering black and Jewish employees and making derogatory references

and actions towards them. One remark an executive made was “ I’m still struggling with

Chanukah, and now we have Kwanzaa… Poor Saint Nicholas, they have sh-tted all over

his beard.” What caused this person to have these points of views? How long has this

idea been in his head? Where does this idea develop if it is not genetically created? The

answers lie with the majority of all non-biological dysfunction present today; the

individuals upbringing. These same questions and same answers can be applied to almost

any incidence of hate and violence today. Especially prevalent is the incidence of the

dragging murder in Jasper, Texas in which a black man was beaten, and dragged, and

decapitated. This was perpetrated by two white supremacists, making it a violent hate

crime. How does a person’s inner frustrations become so great that they can control

behavior to the point of making that person take another life? It is directly related to the

perpetrator’s upbringing and the views and ideals that were passed on to him since day 1

In many of these scenarios, justice has been dealt to the assailants or perpetrators

by our federal law system. But it seems that in just as many instances justice was not

dealt to all, or it was too little too late. In any case though, the legal system has taken a

reactive approach. Justice in itself is reactive in nature, and consequently that may be

why hate crimes and crime in general continue to happen with great frequency.

America has taken a reactive approach to hate crimes. As a country and as a

world we need to take a proactive approach to prevent hate crimes. Prevention is the key

to stopping further hate crimes in America and around the world, and it can be done.

People just need to stop the influential modeling and passive teaching to their children

and future generations that certain people are inferior, unwanted, or scary. Until we can

become more complete and open to the human experience and start to see the big picture

of life, and realize that we need to shed the old and primitive assumption that one group

is better than the next, we will continue passing on the hurting, fear, and hate to our

offspring. We are all the same species on this planet, we just need to realize it.

It may sound like too much to ask for a evolution in the world’s upbringing of

their youth. But as with any evolution, it only needs to start with one person. One person

breaking this chain of labeling and classifying people as anything else, will spawn

generations that will carry the same ideal. The process is a gradual one, but a neccesary


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Violence1. (2018, Jun 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/violence1-essay/

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