Virgil Finlay’s Future Past: Worlds That Never Were Essay

From the 1930s through the 1950s, Virgil Finlay was the most popular artist in science fiction - Virgil Finlay’s Future Past: Worlds That Never Were Essay introduction. His meticulous, labor-intensive, dot-based technique, coupled with an unfettered imagination, created fantastic other-worlds populated by sensual sirens and frightful creatures depicted with a nearly photographic reality.

This first-ever career retrospective features more than 350 of Finlay’s black-and-white drawings illustrating scenes from works by his friend H. P. Lovecraft, as well as Robert E. Howard and other sci-fi legends. Here too are his rarely seen images from The American Weekly, deemed so disturbing that publisher William Randolph Hearst fired him, as well as art of Finlay’s that appeared in such noted pulp magazines as Weird Tales and Amazing Stories, and previously unpublished paintings.

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Virgil Finlay’s Future Past: Worlds That Never Were
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Future Past: Weird Worlds That Never Were will be available in November from Underwood Books in both regular and slipcased hardcover editions.

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