Virginia Commonwealth University Essay

When I think about Virginia Commonwealth University, three words come to mind: diversity, excellence and opportunity - Virginia Commonwealth University Essay introduction. Attending such a college as VCU will not only help me educationally, but it will also help shape up many different aspects of my life for many years to come. From the variety of classes to the incredible diversity, VCU has the potential to shape my college years. Since I was four years old, I have always dreamt of living in the city. However, my dream was short lived seeing as how I have lived in upstate New York my whole life.

Clifton Park is so closely knit to the point where everybody knows each other. VCU will thankfully change this for me by allowing me to be a part of such a diverse community. I will have the opportunity to not only be involved in many different clubs and associations, but also broaden my cultural spectrum, giving me many different perspectives on life. I myself come from a very diverse background. My parents were first generation Indians to move to America, and they raised me to be a Sikh. I would be honored to spread even more diversity amongst VCU’s society and enrich its community.

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Not only does the diversity aspect of VCU intrigue me, the reputation of the school itself and the rigor of its academics also has a huge impact on why I would like to attend this school. Since day 1, I have always liked to help people, hence my major in Biology and my premed advising track. VCU can help direct me in the right path and give me an extraordinary education that is hard to find elsewhere. VCU, I feel is the right school for me for many different reasons, providing a strong education and fulfilling surroundings.

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