Virginia Woolf And Her Friendships With Women Essay

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Virginia Woolf & # 8211 ; Friendships With Women

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Virginia Woolf And Her Friendships With Women
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Virginia Woolf was sexually abused as a kid. While the extent and continuance of this maltreatment is hard to set up, it is known that two of her older half-brothers sexually harassed and abused her between the ages of 12 and 21 and possibly every bit early as six. It is most likely because of the sexual maltreatment that she would develop really near and intense relationships with adult females throughout her big life while unable to hold a successful relationship with a adult male.

The adult females that she had the closest relationships with are: Vita Sackville-West, Katherine Mansfield, and Violet Dickinson.

Vita Sackville-West was a descendant of the great households of England. She was an English poet and novelist. Vita was married to Harold Nicolson, a diplomat and critic. Their matrimony lasted in malice of her many homosexual personal businesss. In 1923, an art critic Clive Bell introduced Vita Sackville-West to Woolf, and the two became lovers.

Although Vita claimed to hold sexual dealingss with Virginia at least twice, most of Virginia & # 8217 ; s relationships were non physical in nature.

Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf were, in their ain different ways, among the most influential adult females of letters in England. Katherine Mansfield was a short narrative author born in Wellington, New Zealand. Katherine had a traumatic early environment, but that would take to her best originative work in ulterior old ages. The relationship between Katherine and Virginia was complicated and sometimes tense. Differences of backg

unit of ammunition, gustatory sensation, and manner of life made it hard at times for them to happen a common land. Their shared passion for composing as a manner of life lead them to a sort of stewing common respect-both saw something of herself in the other. After Mansfield’s decease in 1923, Woolf stated “I have a feeling that I shall believe of her at intervals all through life.” Mansfield seemingly gave Woolf thoughts and aid with descriptive transitions for her narrative “Kew Gardens” which resembles Mansfield’s earlier narrative “Spring Pictures” . After Mansfield’s decease, Woolf wrote in her diary that Katherine’s authorship was the lone authorship she had of all time been covetous of.

Virginia became really down after her male parent & # 8217 ; s decease in 1904. Her good friend, Violet Dickinson, took Virginia into her place at Burnham Wood. During an utmost turn with depression, Virginia threw herself out a window. While she sustained no serious hurt, Virginia spent three months with Violet while recovering. Virginia claimed the birds were singing in Greek and said that King Edward VII was skulking in the azaleas and utilizing the foulest linguistic communication. It was obvious that Virginia was overly psychotic at this clip & # 8211 ; so Dickinson took Virginia to recover at Cornwall. Virginia and Violet maintained contact through the old ages. In fact, when Virginia married, Violet sent a cradle for a babe to kip in if Virginia was to hold a kid.

Virginia & # 8217 ; s relationship with these adult females was interspersed with mental unwellness. But, it was precisely this that would ensue in the development of some of her best literary work.

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