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Virtual Reality and Education

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Disability, Diversity and Technology
Prepared by:

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Virtual Reality and Education
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Prepared for:
November 28, 2009

Table of Contents
Abstract 1
Introduction 1
Second Life 2
Introduction 2
The Individual and Second Life 3
Education and Second Life 4
Skills Learned in Second Life 5
Project Based and Experiential Learning in Second Life 6
Disadvantages of Second Life 8
Forgotten Planets 9
Specific Virtual Learning Gaming/Software 11
Introduction 11
Learning Phases While Using VR Software 11
Studies Using VR Software 12
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VR Software 12
Conclusion 13
References 15
Appendix 17

Virtual Reality and Education


This study was conducted to determine if virtual reality has a place in education.

Three platforms that were looked at in the study were: Second Life, Specific Learning Virtual Software and Forgotten Planets. Examples of implementation into education along with results will be discussed. Advantages and disadvantages will also be presented. It is hoped that this report will encourage educators to use virtual reality programs as a teaching tool.

With the struggle of ICT and Divisional policy regarding the use of the network, coupled with the slow process of requests being granted, Second Life and Virtual Software were not put through a formal study.

The next best platform that could be used was the internet game called Forgotten Planets, which is a massive multiplayer online real time strategy game. The game was used to discover if the positive and negative aspects of Second Life are present in this platform.

Virtual reality is slowly becoming an integral part of the educational learning process for students at many levels. It could be used to learn a specific skill such dissecting an animal in biology or how to be more constructive in conversation with another human being.

One aspect that is a not used predominantly is the use of games in.

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Virtual Reality and Education. (2018, Sep 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/virtual-reality-and-education/

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