Visiting Theatres Essay

Text I

There are many theaters in our state, but the most celebrated of them are in Moscow. If you want to see a theater you have to purchase a ticket.

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Visiting Theatres
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Now you have bought the ticket. You pass through an entryway and travel to the cloak-room. Then you go to the hall. There are rows of seats at that place. You can see the cavity near the phase. There are boxes on both sides of the cavity.

A dress-circle is higher than the cavity. The balconies are higher than the dress-circle. There is a beautiful pendant in the hall.

I am a theatre-goer. I prefer to see play theaters and the Bolshoi Theatre.

As I like to sit in the cavity, I try to purchase a ticket beforehand. I normally look through a playbill before traveling to theaters.

Two months ago I saw “ Three Sisters ” by Chekhov in Moscow Art Theatre. The drama was glorious. The chief function was played by Tatyana Doronina. I like this actress. I think, she is talented. When the drape rose, we saw a nice scenery and the witnesss began to clap. It was a storm of hand clapping. I can state that during this public presentation all the histrions and actresses were playing magnificently. On the manner place we discussed the public presentation with my friends.

I normally go to the theater with my friends.

Visiting Theaters

Text II

There are many theaters in our state. If you want to see a public presentation or a drama you must travel to the theater. You can see dramas, calamities or comedies at that place. We have some celebrated theaters in Moscow. For illustration, the Bolshoi and the Maly Theatres are celebrated theaters all

over the universe.

All theaters differ from each other. They have their dramas, their histrions, actresses. But on the other manus all theaters have a box-office, a cloak-room and about all theatre public presentations begin at the same clip in all theaters.

There is a popular theater for kids in Moscow. It is the Children ‘s Musical Theatre. Children, students and their parents like to travel at that place. You can see many interesting dramas in this theater.

If I want to travel to the theater, foremost of all, I have to purchase a ticket. If it is an interesting and popular public presentation it is hard to purchase a ticket at one time. That ‘s why I have to purchase a ticket beforehand. Now I have a ticket. I go to the theater, go forth my coat in the cloak-room. Then I go to the anteroom. It is interesting to see the exposures of the celebrated and popular histrions and actresses on the walls. I want to cognize who plays in this public presentation and I buy a programme. The public presentation begins at 7 o’clock in the eventide after the 3rd bell. My place is near the phase. I like the public presentation and I applaud the histrions and actresses. The public presentation has got two parts. During the interval I normally go to the coffeehouse to hold a bar and imbibe a cup of tea or a cup of java, or a glass of lemonade. I like to discourse the drama if I see it with my friends.

There are many theaters in London, excessively. English people are theatre-lovers. Now there are more than 50 theaters in the West End of London.

There are some taking theaters in London. They are the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Old Vic ( Old Victoria Theatre ) and the National Theatre. It is a good tradition in England to see theaters on a birthday or an anniversary.

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