Visual Elements Essay

For this ocular essay assignment I will be reexamining the Wheel of Fortune picture by Audrey Flack. This work of art is acrylic and oil on canvas. With the combination of different elements. this picture contains a batch of mundane images to encompass the passing of clip and decease. Flack led the manner of photorealism. and Wheel of Fortune shows the trompe l’oeil manner. I foremost noticed the distinguished pragmatism in the picture. I figured out that it was demoing the life of a individual that ended in an eventual decease.

Such illustrations include. the sheen of the gems and fruit. the thaw of the taper. the beads of sand in the hourglass. the skull. the calendar. and the mirror. no affair how much we may dress ourselves up and maintain ourselves healthy. decease still awaits and clip still goes on. The skull could be considered the focal point of the picture. because of the elusive contrast of colour with the blues and reds around it. and how everything seems to take to it.

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Visual Elements
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The skull is in proportion with the other objects. but it is much larger than each other single object. which is portion of what pull your attending to it. The elements and rules of design aid significantly to understand the content of the piece. The image might look random and helter-skelter until one is able to see that all of the lines on the picture are traveling in a round gesture to emulate a wheel. Then you take into history the different objects in the wheel and can see it as the journey of life.

The overall significance of the picture could be described as symbolic. The art work illustrates a personal narrative that is really beloved to Audrey Flack. Harmonizing to an article about Ms. Flack in 1980 ; called “An Artist’s View of Life. Love and Chance. ” she described the miss in the image as being her girl. Her girl. Melissa. was the cardinal subject to the work. She was born deaf-and-dumb person every bit good as being autistic. She so explained that life is a controlled gamble that deals all of us a manus of cards which we must play with.

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