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Visit wayn. com. What option do you find most exciting on the site? When I visit wayn. com, the first thing I’m excited about is I can choose the country that I wish to travel and get the information about. The information is all given by the online member and a lot of suggestion, comment and picture post by the members seems useful to me. I’m also able to ask question on the website and get suggestion from all the people over the world. I can view the photo given by the members before I’m actually going there.

Q2 Enter wayn. com and identify all advertisement option. List them and discuss three which would work best for you as a traveler. There is 3 best advertisement option that I think will work best for a traveler, Banner, Newsletter and video advertising. Banner is a advertisement that will gain most of the attention in the website, as we can see in the home page of wayn. com, there is a lest 2 banner ads with zalora. com advertisement by google ads. Traveler can that sign in to the page normally will see all the banner ads. Secondly is e-newsletter.

Sometimes even when everyone is busy or still on travelling, they are still able to receive e-newsletter and view it via mobile devices. E- newsletter will also stay in the inbox until the user realize about it. Third is video advertising, as a traveler, what I really want to know is the nice things in the country that im going to travel. Image is still not as interesting as video because there is motion and more realistic. Sometime image can be faked by video is way too hard to be fake. Q. 3 Identify the mobile capabilities on the site. Members are able to get onto wayn. om even using their mobile because WAYN is able to reach with several downloadable applications. Besides that, WAYN is link together with facebook , twitter and on their founder’s blog. So even though they doesn’t have WAYN apps, they are able to know their friends movement. Q 4 Why has WAYN been so successful even though the site requires subscription fees? Subscription fees is only applicable for VIP members for free international SMS, the ability to create private forums and others benefit. Even though there is free subscription for the other members, WAYN is still able to operate because their revenue model is based on advertisement.

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