Vodou Priestess

The most interesting thing that I learned from reading Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn, was how Mama Lola basically like shattered the stereotypes by offering an intimate portrait of Vodou in everyday life. The author Karen McCarthy Brown really intrigued me because it’s like she showed me that Vodou emerges as a religion focusing on healing like basically believing in God. The mending of Vodou is I guess brought by broken hearts or relationships between the living and the dead. I forgot also to add the spirits as well they are a very huge part in the the whole Vodou religion of healing.

The most troubling thing I had with this book was all the spiritual gatherings. I am not really into stuff like that so for me it took a lot for me not be so judgmental upon reading this book due to the type of beliefs that were inflicted. In general despite the beliefs in my utmost opinion I thought it was beautifully written and just an incredible story. I mean I just fell in love on how much emotion and feeling was in this book, just blew my mind tremendously. The major aspect the book showed me was it explored deeply into the roles of women in religious practices and the related themes of family and of religion of social change.

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Brown really provides a rich context in which to understand the authority that urban Haitian women exercise in the home and in the Vodou temple. Haitians search for balance in their existence, but balance in Vodou is a dynamic force of living with conflicting ideals harmoniously. In the face of such poverty, disease and death in their society this idea has become necessary to survival This chapter entitled Gede, focused on Alourdes, a Vodou priestess Alourdes treats friends and family and others in her village.

When people present to her they come with problems with such things as love family, work, financial troubles and physical maladies (346. Though Alourdes acknowledges these areas of difficulty she seeks to treat the underlying root ‘ which has to do with disturbances in relationships with the dead, iwa or jealous, angry or malicious ‘ humans (346 When treating ‘ another, Alourdes describes troubles as either natural or supernatural. Natural difficulties come from God and there is nothing she can do to help those people, but supernatural can be handled with her assistance of Vodou.

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