Waiting for the beach Essay

Waiting for the beach

I had really been looking forward to summer since Christmas - Waiting for the beach Essay introduction. On Christmas day, our parents had announced that we would be moving to Boston for summer of the next year. I could not imagine being so close to the beach. I had only been able to visit the beach when we visited relatives. Now I could have the entire beach experience all through summer. When we got to Boston all I wanted to go to the beach. Finally my family agreed we could go to the beach on the third day!

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Waiting for the beach
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I woke up early in the morning to load all the beach gear in my dad’s car. I started making breakfast so that we could move as first as possible. We had decided to visit Nantucket beach. We left the house at seven forty-five in the morning and I was elated. I didn’t think anything could go wrong that day. Driving down the road, I listened to music on my earphones but I was too excited to stay put. I looked at all the trees we passed and it seemed to me that they too were happy for us. I watched the cars passing by and even waved to some children. The sun was high in the sky. I had my swimwear on and I could imagine the feel of the water on my skin.

Skkkktch! The car came to a stop. “Why aren’t we moving? What happened?” I asked as I looked up from my day dream. “Nothing honey,” said my dad. “I just though we should stop for some ice-cream,” he said leaning over into the window. “We don’t need the ice-cream,” I said, “We have all the cold water at the beach. Come on, we have to move or we’ll be late!” “Hey, I could do with some ice-cream,” mom joined in, “Don’t worry we won’t be late. We’ll be there the whole day. Relax,” she said as she turned to me. I slid back into my seat and wished we were on the way already. Soon dad appeared with four ice-creams. I took mine and was soon licking the rich vanilla cream. To be honest I rather liked it. I think I had been so nervous and eager and the ice-cream cooled me down.

As soon as we started driving, I started applying sun block lotion on my body. How could I have forgotten? I turned to my brother who had been sleeping all along. I could not imagine how he could be so uninterested in the beach. He had not wanted to come but my parents asked him to join us. Well, as for me, I was prepared to have a great time. Just as soon as I had finished closing the sun block tube, our car suddenly came into view of the beautiful Nantucket beach. I put my hand on the door handle ready to make a dash for the waters. I had been looking forward to summer since Christmas.


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