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In 1777 Congress made the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States of America - Was Articles of Confederation a Good Idea? introduction. Under the Articles of Confederation Congress had several powers which were; authority to conduct foreign affairs, maintain armed forces, borrow money, and issue currency. Although Congress had powers, their powers were limited. Due to problems with British, the 13 states refused to give Congress two important powers. These powers were that Congress had no power to enforce its laws and no power to tax.

Congress could ask for money, but could not demand it. Congress unfortunately could not require the states to do anything. Without money or real power over the states, the Congress commanded so little respect that its members often did not bother to attend sessions. By 1781 all 13 states had approved the Articles of Confederation. Soon it became clear that the Article had serious flaws. One problem was voting requirements. Congress could not pass a law unless nine states voted for it.


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Any attempt to change the Articles of Confederation required a positive vote from all 13 states. With these strict voting requirements Congress could barely do anything. The funny thing is, if Congress was able to pass a law, they couldn’t enforce it. I think that Congress made a bad decision making the Articles of Confederation. This document basically stated that the United States of America would be a free-for-all for the states. Congress had no power yet they are the people that are supposed to be in charge.

The states had the power to deny laws and basically do whatever they wanted to do. If this was going on in present day then we’d be a chaotic country. No one would be able to put us together because the states were allowed to deny the government’s decision. Overall the Articles of Confederation were a big mistake. Congress should’ve never given the states so much power. On an ending note, all that really matters is that we were able to get out of the murdering situation.

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