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Was little rock a success or failure as a civil rights protest?

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    Was little rock a success or failure as a civil rights protest?

    Little rock protest was a success and a failure. I personally think that it was more of a failure then a success. This is because the little nine went through a lot of physical and verbal abuse, crowds of white people at different ages would gather to throw stones, hit round the head with rolled up newspapers and shout inappropriate words to the nine students, this was because they were black and the white popularity did not want schools to be desegregated. One of the biggest reasons that it was a failure was because the nine did not graduate; this is bad because although it provides a lot of media attention it means that the nine will get poor jobs as their qualifications are at a poor standard.

    Faubus who was the 36th governor of Arkansas tried to stand up against the desegregation of the little rock school this was a failure for little rock and a success. It was a success as it brought a lot of media attention to the little rock situation, but it was also a failure as it meant the governor was on the white side and it meant that the nine would not be allowed into the school, but president Eisenhower cowardly sent in the us army to stop the national guard and to let the nine into school. The little rock protest was also a success as it led to more desegregation of schools across the Deep South, this was good as the black popularity would not have to travel far to go to school. One of the main reasons little rock protest was that it received a lot of media attention and would therefore have more protests for the future e.g. the bus boycott. Eisenhower escorted the nine to the school that was good because it showed the nine were getting some support and gave more media attention.

    Why little rock was a failure

    The students suffered physical and verbal abuse.
    The students from little rock nine failed to graduate.
    Faubus ordered the National Guard to stop the nine from entering the school. Did not receive full attention to desegregate the nation.
    Why little rock was a success

    Schools across ‘deep south’ were desegregated.
    President Eisenhower ordered the army to escort the nine into school. Little rock received media attention.
    Alerted more black people to protest, which leads on to the bus boycott.

    Why was the Montgomery bus boycott a more successful protest than little rock?

    The Montgomery bus boycott was more successful than little rock because it soon led to black people to have equal rights as white people, the boycott was when Rosa Parks, an African American woman, was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white person. When Rosa was sent to jail, this set up a campaign to desegregate busses. The protest was political and social campaigning against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery. The protest was more successful than little rock as it received more media attention and many important figures in the civil rights movement took part in the boycott, including Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy. There was not as much abuse because martin Luther king had a non-violence rule, which did not pose a threat to any white Americans.

    There was more success than failure out of this protest as no-one had to suffer like the nine did, the only disadvantage was that the black popularity (17,000) did not go on any busses, this affected the bus company’s because they weren’t get as much money as they usually would and it would make most buss businesses go bankrupt. The boycott Pressure increased across the country. The related civil suit was heard in federal district court and, on June 4, 1956, the court ruled in that Alabama’s racial segregation laws for buses were unconstitutional. As the state appealed the decision, the boycott continued. The case moved on to the United States Supreme Court. On November 13, 1956, the Supreme Court upheld the district court’s ruling, issuing its decision in December, followed quickly by a court order to the state to desegregate the buses. The boycott ended successfully whereas the little rock nine was not as successful, the boycott got more attention and had help from martin Luther king.

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