The Lack of Internet Responsibility For Emerging Young Professionals Analysis

The essential facts of the case are that Hathaway Jones, a luxury apparel retailer had been in a mature market for some time and was trying to transition and grow its overseas business. Fred, the CEO decided the most promising expansion for the company was within China’s luxury goods market, which was growing by 70% a year. The best candidate to fill this position was Mimi, she held an ivy league degree, had two successful brand reluctances, and grew up in China.

However, Mimi participated n political protests against China when she was in college, thus a potential problem of diplomatic relations with China could be created for Hathaway Jones. This discrediting information was discovered upon a Google search from a senior member of the Human Resources department, Virginia. A final issue is the lack of internet responsibility for emerging young professionals, this is an area that could be further addressed by the HER department.

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Analysis and Evaluation Hathaway Jones is the top priority in the case under review, to further the hardheaded profits and assure business sustainability, global growth is a must. To have Mimi on staff would be a financial gaining opportunity for the company, not hiring Mimi could give another firm the advantage of her progressive innovation and creativity. However, hiring Mimi could also pose a threat to good trade relations between China and Hathaway Jones due to her past behavior, which could give another firm the advantage in the market.

Fred and Virginia both had a responsibility to protect the firm’s best interest. Although Fred was doing a long time friend a favor by giving his daughter an interview, her credentials stood on her own. The fact that Virginia used the internet as a source to find information out about a future employee means several things: 1 . Some legal issues surrounding privacy could arouse, 2. She should be technology sax. N. Y enough to know that technology is progressing and society/business must progress with it, and 3. Just because the internet said it, it doesn’t mean it’s finite.

Recommendations Mimi should be hired on to the firm, but she should not go to China. Instead she could work on the strategic team for the Chinese expansion, and maybe with time travel overseas. Until that time Mimi could build a more positive image of herself online surrounding issues with China and the company’s expansion there. In the short term this would allow the firm to have Minim’s insight for the new project, but allow distance and time for China to build confidence in both Mimi and the firm before having her head any project on sight in the years to come.

Finally, the firm might consider hiring a new HER task force or head person to oversee all internet and social media aspects of the company. Internet usage by emerging young professionals is a trend that is not going away, so businesses will need to adapt. This team could set guidelines for the employees to follow on the responsibilities of internet usage, and how to stay professional, and “safe”. All new hires could have a preliminary meeting to go over any past discrepancy that might need evaluating.

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