We Spend Too Much Money on and Games

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There is a clear consensus for me: Australians tend to overspend on toys and games. Despite Australia being an expensive country to live in, people take money for granted. Instead of using it wisely, they waste it on toys and games that quickly lose their appeal and serve no purpose after a few uses.

I am convinced that every child in Australia is considered “the toy nobody plays with anymore.” I have personally encountered this situation myself. For instance, my mother purchased a Monopoly board game for my younger sister and me. We enthusiastically played with it for three consecutive days. However, after that, it lost its appeal and has since been neglected, with its pieces now scattered around the house. This toy no longer brings any enjoyment and is now deemed useless.

A university professor from UTS conducted a survey, revealing that 80% of children quickly become bored of toys and consider them to be a waste of space. Therefore, spending money on toys that will eventually become garbage may not be ideal. Additionally, toys and games have the potential to spoil children. If too much money is spent on toys, it could lead to spoiling the children of Australia. It’s important to consider whether your parents raised you to spoil your own children.

We desire for the children of Australia to become accustomed to their environment. Indulging them will give them the impression that life is effortlessly easy and that everything is readily available. We want the children of Australia to understand that hard work and determination are the key to success, not mere playthings and recreational activities. Lavishing excessive money on toys and games certainly does not convey the right message. A child wellbeing expert has predicted that if parents continue to excessively pamper their children at a young age, it will pose difficulties for them later in life when they are confronted with the realities of the world. Do you truly want frivolous items like toys and games to compromise the future of your children?

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