Weather and Summer Essay

My favorite season is summer - Weather and Summer Essay introduction. I like the other seasons as well, but summer is the best for me. First of all, I like summer because the weather is hot. Some people think that summer is too hot, but I just love it as it is. The sky is always blue and it hardly ever rains, and if it does, it is a warm and pleasant rain. I usually enjoy walking in the rain because it relaxes me. I like spending the long summer days out and sometimes even the short and warm nights.

I like this season very much because it is the season of the perfumed flowers and the taste of healthy fruits from grandma’s garden. Furthermore, I love holidays, especially the long summer holiday. I like spending my holiday with my family and friends, as well as travelling and visiting new places. From June till the end of August I like sleeping a lot in the morning, enjoying parties and sometimes pyjamas parties, reading a lot and staying with my friends playing basketball or listening to music.

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In the summer holidays I also go to my grandparents. I like the refreshing air because there I can find the tranquility I need after the noisy days spent in the city. I like helping my grandparents with the animals and other interesting things. I also learn about the customs and traditions of the Romanian village. These are some of the reasons why I love summer and I consider it the best season of all. It offers me time for fun and meeting new people. This season gives me the feeling of joy that no other season does.

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