Wedding Plan Essay

This is a task list for planning a wedding ceremony (not including cocktail hour, reception, etc.):

Before the wedding day:

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Wedding Plan
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•Determine budget
•Find location
•Based on budget, best venue for the price
•Location needs to provide table and chairs and help out with clean-up and set-up •Guest list
•Determine max occupation for location to help with who to invite and who not to invite •Create spreadsheet
•Have parents and maid of honor check and finalize list
•Collect and create a R.S.V.P - Wedding Plan Essay introduction. list as soon as invitations are sent out •Find & hire minister
•Find & hire photographer
•Give them a list of shots that are wanted and different ideas you have •Get marriage license
•Approximately 2 weeks before ceremony
•Choose ceremony music
•Arrange sound system with microphones
•Music for wedding party to walk down the aisle
•Music for bride to walk down the aisle
•Music for hand fasting ceremony
•Find & purchase ceremony necessities
•Send out as soon as guest list is finalized
•Add attending guests to RSVP list
•Determine layout, content, etc. and have someone proof read it •Quantity determined by RSVP list
•Print no more than 2 weeks before ceremony
•For decorations
•Valance garland
•Flower petals
•chair flowers
•For bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and flower girls
•Other decorations
•Material for hand fasting ceremony
•Sign for ring-bearer to carry, “Here comes the bride” •Delegate jobs/responsibilities
•Delivery of decorations
•Oversight of setup
•Person to help guide guests to their seats for the ceremony •Person for guests to contact with questions
•Pick up decorations
•Drop off decorations and decorating instruction day before ceremony •Meet with coordinator to finalize plans and go over details

Day of the wedding:

•Done by venue
•Set up chairs
•Place flowers
•Set up wedding arch
•Place programs
•Have assigned person watch over and check everything before ceremony starts •Get all parents and their emotions together
•Have assigned person ensure that guests get to their seats •Get Married!!!

After the wedding:

•Venue will take care of tear down and clean up
•Tip necessary vendors
•Have assigned person pick up decorations
•Send out thank you cards to those who attended or sent gifts

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