Week One Individual Assignment: Connecting the Dots - Writing Essay Example

Today’s assignment was to take a Path Builder quiz in the MyFoundationsLab - Week One Individual Assignment: Connecting the Dots introduction. The results showed that I mastered all available topics and I was very happy. The quiz covered several skills, such as sentence skills, punctuation, mechanics, spelling, and the craft of writing. At first I was confused taking this quiz, because I did not understand how this pertained to this week’s discussions until it was almost time for me to submit my assignment. These skills are all crucial to me as a student, and these are all skills that I must master in order to successfully complete my college degree.

I will use these skills to successfully proofread, edit and produce essays, and papers that are “A” quality, so I can keep up with the university’s writing standards. I was offered an administrative assistant job a few days ago and these skills will really help me succeed in this position. In the administrative field you are required to be precise and display a great deal of accuracy, so skills such as proper spelling, punctuation, proofreading, drafting are all very important skills in this position.


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I will be able to write impeccable reports, minutes, memos and letters. The results of the lab were all surprising to me, because during the quiz I thought I was doing quite terrible. I didn’t realize that I knew so much about the skills that were presented, and the entire time I took the quiz I questioned myself as to whether or not I was doing the correct assignment. Even though the lab states that I mastered all available topics, I would still like to learn them all a little more extensively until I’ve really mastered them.

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