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From waking in the morning, completing my activities through the day, and preparing for bed. Everything I do though out a day is organized the same as any other day, with a few minor exceptions. To Slum it up, use sequence far more than my LLC score indicates, although organized disaster is most likely the modifier that brings down the average. Precision: I still feel that my LLC score for precision is a bit inflated. While I do use it often, and love to search factual information on anything that catches my fancy.

I still have a lot of work when it comes to using precision with my education, I tend to second guess myself when taking quiz’s, and occasionally failed to describe of my assignments properly. Technical Reasoning: While this is my bread and butter it’s also the source of a few problems pertaining to my online education. I’m sure you’re well aware of how much my TRY has influenced my writing, and it is often very challenging to form words for writing assignments.

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Confluence: My Outside the box thinking has shown itself a few times during the last four weeks on various assignments, usually in the form of attempted moor “quip. ” Though I try to keep, that reigned in as it can sometimes be counterproductive to my assignments requirements. C. Identify all verbs and specific terms from the assignment instructions and describe how each Learning Pattern will be used to effectively complete the Week 5 assignment. (Critically review the Final Reflection assignment in Week Five and decode it. Sequence: The Final Assignment requires extensive use of Sequence to structure each paragraph, to review all prior week’s learning, to compare and contrast hat our class expectations were at the start and how the class has met or failed those expectations. To reflect upon our work done in the prior week and how it has improved over the course of the class. Precision: The Final Assignment is asking for in-depth descriptions and explanations of everything we covered in the prior four weeks.

It is very precision intensive, to include information on “how we would explain learning to someone not privy to this class. ” Also information on our learning patterns and descriptions of how we use them. The overall report must be very detail orientated to cover the entire course. Technical Reasoning: The Final Assignment requires that we analyze how we feel about our learning combinations, about our experiences over the prior week’s courses.

What challenges we encounter and how we overcame them to become a more intentional learner. How our personal learning patterns worked together over the course to get where we are today, and what it was that we enjoyed most about our time in this class. Confluence: The Final Assignment does not appear to require confluence in NY real degree other than brainstorming prior to writing the report. I was not able to identify confluence in the decoding process on the copy of week 5 final assignment. D.

Explain how you will Forge, Intensify, or Tether (FIT) your Learning Patterns to implement personal strategies so you can complete the Week Five assignment efficiently and effectively. (If you do not need to FIT a Pattern, include a description of the strategies you naturally use which help you to be successful on these types of tasks. ) Sequence: I will need to intensify my sequence to form better time management, rite a well-structured report, to ensure that my responses include the items specified by the assignment instructions including Format, Length, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Precision: I will need to Intensify my precision to include the relevant data in each paragraph such as “accurate descriptions and explanations,” to ensure that have enough information to fill the length requirements of the assignment and that I have accurately written the paper grammatical and punctually. Technical Reasoning: I will need to Tether my TRY as the week 5 assignment does quire it in measure so long as it doesn’t interfere with my reports overall length or the information that I have included in it.

Although it is important not to tether it so much that it inhibits the information concerning my personal experience’s throughout the class. Confluence: I will need to Tether my confluence as the week 5 assignment doesn’t appear to require it. As this paper requires high levels or precision and sequence, it would be a poor decision to take risks trying to alter the papers structure or to allow your creativity to fill in where facts are required.

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