Weimar governments Essay

How successfully did Whimper governments deal with Germany’s problems in the years 1920-1924? - Weimar governments Essay introduction?? [10] The Whimper governments were reasonably successful when It came to dealing with Germany’s problems within those four years. The government being taken over by Gustavo Streaming, In August 1923, made a huge. Positive difference to Germany. Because of Streaming, Germany was able to recover a lot quicker with his help. One of Germany’s major problems was hyperinflation. Germany having no more goods to trade, resulted in the government printing more money.

There ended up Ewing so much money, but not enough goods to buy with it, so prices and wages went up by a tremendous amount. This made the money worthless. The majority of Germany was ‘rich’. Streaming dealt with this problem In a very helpful way. He immediately called off passive resistance and ordered the workers in the Rue to go back to work. He then burned all of the worthless marks and created, then replaced a new currency, known as the ‘Rearmament. The Dates Plan of 1924 was formulated to take Whimper Germany out of hyperinflation and return Whimper’s economy to some form of stability.

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The mall points of the Dates Plan were simple in their effort to re-float Whimper Germany’s economy. The first main point of the Dates plan was to return the Rue to Germany so that it was in their full control. Streaming negotiated to receive American loans under the Dates Plan, which also renegotiated the reparations bill from the Treaty of Versailles. For example, In 1924, the figure was set as fifty million in British pound sterling, as opposed to two billion of 1922.

These were the first Issues Streaming dealt with as Chancellor, and due to his success, It was clear that Germany’s overspent were in good hands. Another one of Germany’s problems was the attempts to overthrow the government. Luckily, for the government, they were unsuccessful. Separatists week in 1 919, the Kappa Putsch, and the Munich Putsch are all examples of attacks, from the left and right wing, which failed In the early years of the Whimper Republic. The fact that all of these attacks failed, shows that Whimper governments were yet again successful, when it came to dealing with their problems.

Although Whimper governments had many successes, before Streaming and under is power, these problems still occurred and it was Irresponsible of Whimper governments to allow these problems to get out of hand and out of their control, even For starters, hyperinflation started. That, in itself, is a problem that could have been prevented, which caused major issues for Germany. It took a lot of work to recover from it and having a new currency was a big deal. It was as if a new currency was the only way to recover from that disaster.

As well as this, pensioners on fixed incomes and people with savings were the most badly hit as they lost all of their money when he Rearmament was introduced and the money was not returned to them. There was so much violence to fight against and so many attempts to overthrow the Merman Republic. This also should have been prevented at an earlier stage. As a result of these attacks, there were deaths and severe injuries which were in the hands of the Whimper Republic, all because groups from the left wing and groups from the right wing didn’t agree with the way the government was running Germany.

They could have found a way to avoid so much crime and violence. Another mishap from the Whimper Republic was the fail to pay back the reparations bill from the Treaty of Versailles. Although it was an extremely difficult bill to pay, considering the economic situation in Germany, they still failed. Their failure resulted in the French and Belgian troops going into the Rue and Germany couldn’t do much to stop them. In conclusion, Whimper Governments were overall successful when it came to dealing Ninth Germany’s problems. Steersman’s solutions resulted in Germany’s economy becoming stable again, so they dealt with the issues very successfully.

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