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Welcome to Disney? - Welcome To Disney Essay introduction.? s World

Disneyland, Disney World, and Euro Disney sound like charming topographic points, topographic points that conjure up merely fond memories and images of the true? American? civilization. Disney has taken this civilization to all corners of the universe demoing the admirations of our great society, right? Disney? s films are some of the top grossing movies, the playthings are selling off the shelves, and if you look at coach full of kindergartners, a big figure of them are bound to be have oning a piece of vesture wearing a Disney character. The manus of Disney has grabbed clasp of our kids, but what do we truly know about this alien? Disney is a big multi-national corporation with its oculus on fiscal success. This success drives this company to work the resources and people of other states while keeping an image that is respected within the American society. Not merely does Disney work other civilizations, it besides produces movies, purportedly idealising? American values? , that systematically contain racism, sexism, homophobia, and ethnocentrism thereby working our ain.

Sweat-shops are non a new issue in international concern. We, as North Americans, have become distressingly cognizant of the development taking topographic point in legion counties. However, it is more upseting when a corporation that has established itself on its values and a committedness to kids is paying twelve old ages old girls seven cents in developing states an hr to do pyjama for 12 twelvemonth olds in North America. The lip service in this state of affairs is painful. A company that is learning our kids values is practising concern minutess that are immoral and unethical. Corporate Watch revealed on their web site that in Thailand, Disney contractor The Eden Group, fired 1,145 of their ain workers in order to take advantage of lower cost subcontractors, 10 of which were found to use child labour. It was besides shown that Disney is back uping the Burmese military absolutism as it attempts to protect a mill, of which 45 % is owned by the province, that produces its vesture. These types of concern activites are non uncommon. However the populace has become disbelieving of most multi-nationals, but non of the American sweetie, Disney.

The concern activities are surely a major concern, but the message within the Disney productions possibly has a larger effect in our society. What is Disney truly stating our kids? Disney? s movies repeatedly reinforce the oppressive status-quo by puting the hero or heroine in the upper category of the society by invariably projecting the functions the heroes with predominately Anglo-saxon American type voices. The scoundrels, hence, must be of a different ethnicity. Recently the Arab anti-defamation conference filed suit against Disney on evidences that the Arab representation in the movies are ever nefarious, negative, or absurd. What sort of associations will kids do when they are invariably exposed to narratives puting white, upper-class Americans against the uneducated, power-hungry, destitute minority? Disney besides has the wont keeping the patriarchal political orientations in our society. In about every movie, the female heroine must finally be rescued or reunited with her? prince capturing? . The adult females must be beautiful and desired by work forces. After sing a women’s rightist revolut

ion and a changeless battle to accomplish sexual equality, should Americans still let their kids to fall victim to these images of the old male chauvinist and patriarchal ways?

To further explicate the inexplicit messages within Disney? s movies, one may look at the blockbuster hit, ? The Lion King. ? This film exemplifies the? values? supported by Disney. First, the constitution of the status-quo is apparent in the gap scene with the vocal? The Circle of Life? where the animate beings all accept the hierarchy of their society and understand that they are to be ruled by the king of beastss. These king of beastss are seem to stand for the upper-class of American society as the voices given to these characters are overpoweringly white? American? voices. The lone exclusion is the voice of King Mufasa who is played by James Earl Jones. However, Jones has overcome racial boundaries as he is readily associated with CNN and other non-racial voice-overs. The retainers to the king of beastss have assorted speech patterns such as the monkey played by a British histrion, Rowan Atkinson. If the swayers are clearly portrayed as white, upper-class, Americans, the lower-class scoundrels must be something different. The hyaena, the representatives of the lower-class are played by obvious cultural minorities. The voices are clearly Afro-american and Hispanic-American. The decision 1 might do for such associations is the reestablishment of the racial hierarchy within American society.

Not merely is racial hierarchy, but besides sexual hierarchy reinforced. The patriarchal messages within the movie are overpowering. In the beginning of the movie, the two immature king of beastss play together. The female ever manages to? trap? immature Simba ( the male child king of beasts ) when they wrestle. However, when the two grow up, Simba overpowers the female repossessing his high quality. As good, when the land was nothingness of a male king of beasts leader, the female king of beastss were unable to guard off the evil Scar and his hyaena, therefore leting the land to fall into confusion. Equally shortly as Simba returns to the Kingdom, he is able to repossess his leading function and the land is returned to its brilliant status. These are merely a few of the massages within the movie, but they are sufficient in demoing the type of? values? Disney is learning our kids.

Many feel that readings similar to those expressed above are traveling? overboard? in complexness. The statement, ? a kid couldn? T perchance understand that? is frequently voiced. However, it may be a error to undervalue kids. If a kid understands the linguistic communication he or she will pick up on some, if non all, of the deductions within the movie. Disney is a pillar in American civilization and extinguishing it as an influence is practically impossible. What is possible is instruction and consumer consciousness. If the consumer is exposed to the concern patterns of this multi-national corporate monster, he or she may be more inclined to take action, such as composing to the CEO or cut downing his or her support for the company. As good, one time educated, the parent or consumer can be a more active spectator of the movies and can discourse such issues with the kids. Disney is learning our kids moral and values, but who? s ethical motives are they? We do non hold to populate in Disney? s universe and we should guarantee that our kids can happen their ain charming topographic point, a topographic point free of lip service, racism, and false ethical motives.

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