What Are Your personal Goals In Aviation? Essay

1 - What Are Your personal Goals In Aviation? Essay introduction. What are your personal goals in aviation? My plan is once I am done with school to move back to Germany and work for Lufthansa. Lufthansa is a German airline and is one of the top European airlines. I currently work for this airline here in Seattle as a passenger service agent and hope to continue my career in the ground service aspect for any airline. In summer 2012 I will graduate from Green River Community College and I will then start a program with Lufthansa in Germany, in which I will work at different airports and learn about all aspects of the air and ground operations.

Once completing the program you are expected to become a flight manager in the next three years after completing the program. My goal is to become a Station manager in which I will be in charge of all the ground operations and make sure the station uses all its available resources to contribute to a great travel experience for all passengers. 2. Based on what you read in the news, what are the major airlines current problems?

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What Are Your personal Goals In Aviation?
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Are the news reports accurate? There are two big issues I read about a lot in the news that major airlines have and that is the ever rising cost of fuel and as an affect from that the ever tighter baggage regulations and fees airline put in affect. It is well known that over the last several years oil prices have risen. In 2000 the price for oil per barrel was $27. 39 (Nominal) and it has risen from then to 2010 to $71. 21 (Nominal)*.

With this dramatic increase of fuel in the last 10 years airlines had to find ways to stay profitable and their solution seems to be to introduce stricter baggage allowance with ever increasing fees. There is no denying that the news reports are right, but in most cases they are misleading. Every time an airline comes out with an outrages baggage regulation the news reports start and make it seem that the whole aviation industry has adapted theses regulations, when in most cases these are regulations a low budget airline has come up with that.

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