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What Can We Do to Save Water Supplies?

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What Can We Do to Save Water Supplies?

Undoubtedly people cannot imagine our life without water. We rely on it in every aspect of our lives. However there is a tendency nowadays to pollute and destroy everything we need, without paying special attention to it. Regrettably today a human being can hardly find any water body which is not affected by pollution. Is not it the time we started doing something to stop water pollution? First of all, we should stop dumping loads of sewage and other urban wastes in seas and rivers.

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What Can We Do to Save Water Supplies?
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That is why, some laws forbidding the factories to overuse and pollute water should be invented. What is more, measures should be taken so as to combat this problem by reducing the output of industries and agriculture which exceed the biological capacities of aquatic systems by using fertilizers, pesticides or other materials.

As a result marine life would be saved because the waters would not choke with an excess of organic substances and organisms which are poisoned by toxic materials.

Another way to eradicate the problem of water pollution is to reduce air and land pollution. Everyone knows that water pollution very often is caused by air contamination, because water moves through the air. Besides, when the soil is denudated it adds silt as a pollutant. Today people begin understanding that the pollution of coastal areas poses a threat to human health. Because tap water supplies are taken from reservoirs and ground waters, the quality of which leaves much to be desired. Even despite water purification, many of the contaminants in rivers are found in drinking water. That is why instead if purification it is better to stop water pollution at all and as a consequence different health risks caused by poisoned water would be reduced. Finally, in order to tackle the problem of water pollution we should use this nature resource reasonably and economize it.

For example if we stop leaving the tap running we would be able to save more than 200 litres of water per day. And if every family used the water supplies reasonably in everyday life less water would be polluted by cleaning fluids and other household things. All in all, there are a lot of ways to improve the situation and it is high time we realized the necessity of clean and pollution-free water. We should do the first step to save our environment before it is too late.

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