What did I learn in my nutrition class this semester? Essay

Taking care of one’s health is the main responsibility of every individual - What did I learn in my nutrition class this semester? Essay introduction. Health is one precious wealth that should not be taken for granted. It defines us as a person and where we can apply what we learn from our family upbringing and lessons in nutrition class. One of notable subjects that I had this semester is my nutrition class. I was able to grasp a lot of things which I can carry out through the years. The subject is informative enough especially for students like me because I was able to discover many things about health and nutrition.

There are things that should be done to maintain health at its best. Achieving an excellent body comes with great responsibility when it comes to having the right nutrition. One of the most important lessons I have learned from my nutrition class is the consumption of water. It is best to drink lots of water everyday because it replenishes the body and gives higher metabolism. It also regulates the flow of blood and gives enough energy to individuals. Having a well balanced diet is also one of the teachings that I will never forget.

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What did I learn in my nutrition class this semester?
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Incorporating fruits and vegetables to one’s diet plan is advised because it balances the nutrients in the body. It also helps in avoiding illnesses and diseases. The class is very enticing because the professor is persuasive enough in explaining to us the food pyramid and how to have at least one kind of food in each group every meal time. Nutrition class is really helpful because it paves way to realizations on what should be done to remain healthy and strong. The lessons I have learned this semester will be carry out not only for the next semester but for my whole life through.

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