What Does Academic Integrity Mean and Why is it Important

Integrity means to follow the right way of doing things. It includes to be truthful and honest in all the activities and works an individual is involved. It depicts the ethics of a person. It is imperative to believe in the already set-up rules by the organization, schools or colleges rather than creating own rules. We should always make sure that none of our behavioral activity should be violating the integrity.

Academic integrity is based on the fact of reading and analyzing information we read from textbooks and websites. This information enhances the knowledge of student. When it comes to apply the information, the copy-paste should not be done rather it is supposed to be written in own words adding more innovative ideas in it. This in-turn shows one’s own creativity in the work. It raises the standards of education and keeps up the academic integrity.

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It also includes preserving the integrity while the exams and class test. Honesty comes first at the time of examinations. One should keep eyes on own work. Any unfair mean such as using mobile phones, bringing cheat sheets or disturbing other students should not be done. In case of assignments the student is supposed to work as per the instructions given by the instructor. If it is an individual assignment, then student should do it by putting one’s effort only or if it is a group assignment then everyone should do their part. Proper division of the work should be done to get credits according to our input in the assignment.

Importance of Academic Integrity

According to my perception, being honest in every work is more beneficial to the person itself. Doing the homework and classwork by own efforts enhances the knowledge of a person. Maybe I find it difficult to complete the work in first attempt but at the end of day it is adding-up to my knowledge which further improves my performance in the coming assignments. The more I am learning the greater it rises my confidence level to believe in my assignment work. It makes me feels like I am able to deals with even more difficult assignments and situations of life. The positivity and contentment I get from doing my work is really surging my knowledge and skills in educational field.

Integrity includes standing against the wrong practices in educational field. Neither a person should do wrong nor he should let others. If I suspect anyone doing injustice to my work I will directly inform the instructor about this or if someone is offering me another easy way of getting work completed from other sources I will say a clear no to that person. I want to be self-made person. I want my work to be regarded as it shows me where actually my knowledge stands. If my marks are lower, it gives me an indication to work harder. It will give me a direction that where I need to focus in that particular subject.

Cheating and plagiarism is not going to help in long-term. Before joining any work, the companies and organizations take interviews to evaluate the actual knowledge of a person. The person who has never paid any attention to studies will definitely not be able to pass the interview. Therefore, a person will not be able to work in the field job. It clearly indicates that having a degree in hand is useless until you have the apt knowledge. I believe that during the entire course we have many chances to improve our marks. We should grab all those chances to increase our GPA for a bright future.

We can have access to plenty of information on books and websites. I do search on websites to get more information about the topics discussed in class. I also prefer going to library and collecting information from books. This in-turn enhances my knowledge. When it comes to implement the knowledge in assignments I simply refer the sources from where I have read the chapters. Sometimes I don’t get time to go to the library for searching purpose then I usually prefer to analyze the topics discussed in class for the assignment and do my assignments as per my capability. However, in both cases I try to use my skills only. I am strongly against copy pasting which declines the knowledge and reduces the marks. Persons who depend on ready-made work cheats themselves and it is definitely going to disturb their life in future.

Consequences of Violating the Academic Integrity

A student captured violating the academic integrity ends up for him in an embarrassing situation. Violation of this integrity results in lower credits which drops the GPA. The pressure from family to study hard and achieve good scores can be even more depressing. Such situation brings down the individual’s confidence. This embarrassment has a very negative impact on the individual’s performance in academic life.

The work once submitted to the instructor is checked for plagiarism. If it says the work is plagiarized then the assignment can be cancelled, the grades can be reduced, the particular course can be cancelled or even the student may undergo for the expulsion from college. It is written on the transcript that the student has been dishonest by plagiarizing and cheating in academic life. Eventually, it leads to hurdles in the future life of the student’s making it dark.

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