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What Does American Dream Mean to You

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    The American Dream The American dream in “The Great Gatsby’ and “Of Mice and Men” differ from each other because in “The Great Gatsby” everyone lost their morals due to their wealth where in “Of Mice and Men” people are dreaming for the freedom to follow their own desires but do not have It. The American dream Is being represented In two different ways, the first way Is by ruling people because It ends up making them full of their elves by having so much wealth and the other way is where people can’t achieve their dreams because the world doesn’t offer the easy freedom to do so.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays the American dream in the sass as an era of declined social and moral values in “The Great Gatsby’; he supports that by writing about greed. The luxurious parties that Gatsby threw every Saturday night resulted ultimately in the decay of the American dream. The huge desire for money and pleasure was greater than noble goals. When World War 1 ended In 1918, the generation of young Americans who had fought in the war became disappointed that the war they faced made early twentieth-century Americans seem so empty of self-integrity.

    The rise of the stock market in the aftermath of the war led to a sudden increase in the national wealth and materialism. People began to spend and consume higher than ever. Fitzgerald placed the characters Nick and Gatsby who had both fought In World War 1 to be exposed to the newfound feeling of distrust and huge desire of wealth. All the people that attended Gatsby parties proved the greediness for wealth.

    The novel’s eastern part of the country represented the aristocracy and the western part of the country represented the self-made rich but Gatsby fortune symbolizes the rise of organized crime. Fitzgerald explains the American dream was originally about discovery, individualism and the pursuit of happiness but in the sass, the novel showed how easy money and relaxed social values corrupted that dream especially on the east coast.

    Gatsby dream of loving Daisy Is ruined by the difference In their social statuses so he resorts to crime to make enough money to impress her. Gatsby dream is ruined by the unworthiness of its object just as the American dream in the sass is ruined by the unworthiness of its object which is money and pleasure. Most of the characters in “Of Mine and Men” by John Stein beck admit at one point or another to dreaming for a deferent life. Before her death, Curler’s wife confesses her desire to be a movie star.

    Crooks, bitter as he had a fantasy of hoeing a patch of Arden on Lien’s farm one day and Candy latches on desperately to George’s visions of owning a couple of acres. Before the action of the story begins, circumstances have robed most of the characters of these wishes. George and Lien’s dream of owning a farm which would enable them to support themselves better and most importantly offer them stability from a world that is so difficult to live in represents an American ideal. Their Journey awakens George to the Impossibility contentment and safety are not to be found in this world.

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