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Descriptive essay It was the first day back to school from fall break I woke up in a good mood ready to see all my friends. I walked in the building with my new outfit I bought over the weekend. I walked in the breakfast room to get some breakfast and I was suddenly drenched in pancakes and syrup. I was livid and whomever had done this was going to get it. As I looked up I seen a girl she was as big as a house her hair was looked like birds nest , she smelled like old people and moth balls.

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What does the thot say
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I immediately started screaming at her after I called her a fat horse she dropped her tray and ran off crying. After I got myself cleaned I started to feel kind of bad because she was a new student and I embarrassed her in front of everyone. In class I thought about what I would say when I saw her again.

When I saw her we made eye contact and she ran into the bathroom I ran behind her and I said I’m sorry that I said those rude mean wings to you.

She started to smile and told me, her name was Eva and she was sorry for spilling her breakfast on me. We had our next class to together, so I decided to sit next to her an ask her about herself. She told me that she lives with her father because her mother passed. I instantly felt even worse about what happened this morning. She also told me how she had to transfer to our school because the people at her old school use to bully her.

So I told her I’ll be your friend, and you won’t have to worry about being bullied anymore. From that moment on we were friends and nobody bullied her ever again. After a few weeks she started to feel more confident in herself. She started to dress better, smell better, and even where her hair in cute styles. She taught me a lesson that day: you don’t have to be mean to people because you don’t know what they are going through or been through. What does the tooth say By abdominally 2

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